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Tel Majis Imperialò

Royo, Constantine V

Coronation portrait of Constantine V. It is the last time the old crown was used.


King of the Sarovians, Patriarch of the Zors, Makos, Vasas, Grand Prince of Carolusburg, Defender of the Faith, Protector of the Realm.


227 to 232 AS


Constantine IV Mako


Carolus XII Vasa




223 AS



Joseph Charles Constantine Zor-Mako (regnal name: Constantine V Zor-Mako-Vasa) was the King of the Sarovians from his reign beginning in 227 AS when he was coronated to 232 AS when he died and disappeared from Graal after the disasterous first Saro-Aurean War. Constantine V was known as an abysmal commander and politician, who got by through using the advice of his ministers and deputies to run the country. Constantine V was an avid intellectual and possessed good book smarts, but not in the art of war or governing. Despite being the King and Emperor for longer than most of his predecessors, the reign of Constantine V is relatively minor in comparison to the actions in his successors. Many people refer to him as the "Constantine the Bold", or even more crudely, "Constantine the Bad", over his failure.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Joseph Charles was new to the New Sarovian Empire when he was brought into the House of Vasa. He did not join in the reign of Constantine III or IV, and did not see the civil war between his step sons, the claimants Oliver and Johnathan. Nonetheless, his father Constantine IV Mako tried to teach upon him the values of listening to family and the art of war in the hopes that he could be able to recover from the disasterous civil war. Joseph Charles usually ignored this advice, and often was inactive and slacked off of his duties. This led Constantine IV to leave and, two weeks without a monarch later, he was declared dead.

Sovereign[edit | edit source]

Joseph Charles would be coronated in early 228 and take the name of his father as Constantine V. Despite the low turnout of the coronation itself, the event was remarkably lavish and showed signs that a potential Sarovian resurgence could be possible, now with the Aurean Empire expanding into Estos after the Sarovians won battles in Ostos prior. Constantine V was initially reluctant to take on the duties of the state, appointing James Zor and Grizz Regium as Counsellors of State, and vacationed. Here, the two Counsellors of State did as much as they could to bring the empire back, such as recruitment, passing a flurry of laws and more. The most important was the refunding of the Imperial Guard who donned unique scarlet tunics in comparison to the usual brown at the time period. Constantine V was satisfied with their performance and married Tsubaki Kaine, whom he also made a Counsellor of State. The three Counsellors began to quickly feud with each other and, by 230, all three resigned in disgust, forcing Constantine V to take back the reins of the country.

Constantine V, while reluctantly in charge, still relied on the crutches of his former Counsellors. It was rumoured that if you needed anything within New Sarovia, that it would only be a favour away not to the King

-Emperor but his wife or James Zor, who left halfway through Constantine V's reign. Constantine V despite his faults was keenly interested in Sarovia's future. Here, he had two sons in the House of Vasa: Charles and Frederick, who were very different individuals. Carolus was impatient and lacklustre in his eyes, and Constantine V preferred Frederick. He secretly invested him as the Prince of Kiev, and declared his intention to his advisors that he would succeed him and not Charles.

The Saro-Aurean War[edit | edit source]

Launching in mid November, under the command of Constantine V, the Guard quickly built up three Regiments - the 13th, 14th and 15th Regiments. He and his members of court laid claim to everything north of the River Nafets, before planning to launch further south and retake the map. Two small rebel guilds, each not even one full tag, were put to the sword in battles at Kiev and Sorrel, which let the Empire claim those. The only other nation to be considered a power was a nation called Communist Aurea, led by Grand Marshal Kevlar. They had also laid claim to the same pieces of territory Sarovia had, but when push came to shove and the two nations declared war, the Aurean state had no military might to show. It had recently gone through a rebellion itself, and its military was incredibly weak, so when Sarovia came to Preuze with the intention of a fight, the Aureans fled to Autumnwood. This behaviour was suspicious of the Aureans, who were so keen on fighting the Sarovians. The Sarovians chased them the next day, though the Aureans again refused to fight at Autumnwood, though scouts did smirkish at Narva. The Aureans set up shop at Poltava and began setting up defences and scouts. Charles and Frederick disagreed with the avenue of attack on Poltava, but Constantine V firmly overruled them. Constantine who was eager for a fight decided to attack the next day. What Constantine V and his troops were unaware of, however, is that the Aureans had developed a secret glitch - allowing you to be able to gain kick powers inside of other guilds. When the Sarovians attacked Poltava through the snow in early January 2017, the Aureans unleashed the nuke and the Sarovians fell into disarray. All Regiments were masskicked, leaving everyone uncertain what happened and what to do, and the battle had been a disaster.

Sarovian officers attempted to stem the tide of the retreating soldiers, but Constantine V ordered the retreat. His youngest son, Frederick, was captured by the Aureans. Distraught over the loss of his prosepective heir which he spent so much time preparing, Constantine V broke down and began to do the bare minimum. Constantine V would try to impress onto Charles the importance of being heir, as well as giving him an education, which was staunchly ignored. This caused Constantine V to leave and eventually be declared dead.

Honours[edit | edit source]

Throughout his life, Constantine V has received many different honours, decorations and titles.

  • Crowns
    • Imperial Crown
  • Honours
    • Sovereign of the Order of the New Sarovian Empire
Crowns, honours and decorations of Constantine V.

Coat of arms[edit | edit source]

As the son of Constantine IV, Constantine V's arms were the imperial arms of New Sarovia differenced with a label of three points argent, the usual arms for the heir apparent of the throne. When he ascended the throne, through the virtue of being the King of the Sarovians and the Emperor of the New Sarovian Empire, Constantine V was the source of all heraldry and symbols through during his reign and bore the arms of New Sarovia.

Arms of Constantine V as heir apparent. Arms of Constantine V as sovereign.