King of the Oxerians (title)

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The Royal Crown of Oxeria, won by the House of Vasa through the Treaty of Nira (as well as passing through Sarovia during the Saro-Oxeria Union).
The Title of King of the Oxerians (in High Sarovian: Royo eui of the Oxerians) is one of the oldest titles in the military community, as well as the Continent of Estos. The title originated in the Oxerian Empire and was initially referred to as the Oxerian Emperor.

History[edit | edit source]

Oxerian Empire[edit | edit source]

Twister, along with a group of people, had as their objective to fight against the Sarovian hegemony, as well as many other barbarian kingdoms. Twister tried several ways to fight sarovia but never achieved relative success in their barbarian guilds. Until, Twister and his followers (referred to as Twisterites) on November 9, 2017, created the Oxerian Empire.

Time passed, and Twister, still envious and jealous of the prosperity of the New Sarovian Empire, together with his General Staff, organized a plan of attack against Sarovia. Moments before the fight, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, Constantine VI invited the Oxerian Emperor to the Leda Palace, where, after hours of conversation both reached a consensus agreeing to hold a fair battle at Dozer's, along with a date and time. defined so that they could mobilize their troops for combat. On March 28, the New Sarovian Empire and the Oxerian Empire would fight for control of the province of Nira (currently known as Vurgos, where it belongs to the New Sarovian Empire although the presence of a population of Oxerian ethnic origin is notable). After only an hour of fighting, Emperor Twister chose to put the conflict on hold, he insisted that everyone go to his house and vote right then and there on who should be the next heir and emperor of Oxeria. Many chose not to vote, but Ike was chosen anyway. Twister then stepped down and gave full leadership and ownership to his heir Ike Wolfbane. Ike then immediately surrendered and signed a crippling and humiliating treaty known as the ''Treaty of Sarholm''. This treaty meant that Oxeria ceded all of its lands and recognized Sarovia as the victor. Ike's incompetence was visible to everyone, from those in Oxeria to those outside of it. A few days passed, until Joe Kyro demanded that he be given leadership for a certain period of time, which Ike ended up agreeing to. Joe Kyro then attempted to proclaim Oxeria as Kyronia, resulting in the entire Officer Core revolting. Kyro was then dethroned. Ike then once again tried to turn Oxeria into Xavi's puppet. In response, Field Marshal Emily VirTue threatened to leave, along with many other Officers, who saw hope in her. Ike gave up and opted not to cause Oxeria to die untimely. A week later, the inevitable happened, with more and more people leaving and the resignation of the Field Marshal, Oxeria was proclaimed dead on April 21, 2018. The Oxerian People broke away joining different other barbarian nations.

During the First Oxerian Age, Emily VirTue was an iconic official. The first notable event that increased its popularity and relevance was the Oxerian general election. The Empire needed a stable general to lead the army, so once this event was published, she applied. Emily was seen as a hardworking and loyal officer. People liked his unique ways of training and ideas for fast growth and reorganization of Oxeria. She gave a speech and propaganda was created to increase her chances of winning. When the results were shown, it was a decisive victory. Emily won the election against James Kyro 31-10. The second event that sparked Emily's popularity was the wars against Xavi. His dislike for that family only fueled his patriotism which the people took notice of. She led two wars against the House of Xavi, both of which resulted in Oxerian victories. She was made a Knight Commander (Title, not Rank) and given her own Corps to lead. The Second Oxerian Corps quickly surpassed the first, only further strengthening people's positive views of her. Later, just days before Twister left, he knighted her and promoted her to Field Marshal of the Oxerian Armed Forces. After the First Oxeria died several months later, she chose to ask Ike Wolfbane for ownership and leadership of the Oxerian Empire and her family. She reformed the Oxerian Empire, which was formerly an absolute monarchy, led by her. Then came the Saroxerian Union, which lasted 5 months. She Empress and Oxeria, and was a Monarch of the Unified Saroxerian Crown. After Saroxeria was abolished, it reorganized Oxeria with a new democratic ideology, and a new strategy and form of leadership. Therefore, the name Emily ll was brought up. She fought several so-called ''civil wars'' against Crodax, who was led by Twister behind the idea of ​​claiming the Oxerian Throne. Despite 6 recorded attempts to overthrow her, she remained Empress of Oxeria. She is seen as the most successful Oxerian leader, and the one responsible for the success and achievements that Oxeria has had.

Saro-Oxeria Union[edit | edit source]

Flag of Oxeria after its annexation to the New Sarovian Empire through the Treaty of Nira.

In August 2018, the Oxerian Empire was ready to declare war against the New Sarovian Empire after the great humiliation they had suffered in an insane attempt to reclaim Nira. The Oxerian Empress, Emily I met with the General Staff of Maveria Kaiserreich in which they negotiated a joint invasion of Nira against Sarovia. Everything was ready. Or at least that's what Oxeria believed. Just one day before the start of the offensive, the Maverian Kaiserreich decided to betray his promise and declared war on Oxeria and Sarovia. Additionally, a group of rebels from the Grand Kingdom of the State, known as the Loganites today, led at the time by Vulnus, decided to follow Maveria Kaiserreich's decision and oppose Oxeria and Sarovia. The Oxerian Empire was in a difficult position and had to fight a war on two fronts or side with its old enemy to defeat the current one. An emergency official meeting was held that night, and Oxeria decided to accept an alliance proposal from Constantine VI. Oxeria and Sarovia then ambushed the rebels in Destiny, and after 2 hours, Maveria and Loganites retreated and victory was proclaimed. For the first time, the Oxerian Empire fought alongside Sarovia. The Loganites quickly fell within days of this conflict, and Maveria Kaiserreich surrendered and signed a peace treaty. A few weeks later, on August 28th, the Oxerian Empire was approached with an offer to create a unified Empire, governed with a united Crown and a Noble family of Vasa-Oxeria. After another Officers' Meeting, the Oxerian people accepted the proposal, and the unification of Oxeria and Sarovia took place. With its monarch being His Imperial Majesty, William I Vasa-Oxeria as the Crowned Emperor of Saro-Oxeria.

Dissolution of Saro-Oxeria[edit | edit source]

Ethnic tensions and paranoia were very present in Saro-Oxeria in mid-January 2019. The two main ethnic groups, the Sarovians and the Oxerians, developed separatist views, due to various events that took place. The Oxerians accused Sarovia of trying to "Sarovianize" them. With the idea of ​​a single uniform being passed and a change to their system of Regions, the fear that the Oxerian identity would be erased was very real. Oxerians went on to claim that this Union had broken the terms that were signed the previous year, that Oxeria would have its three regions Nira, East Nira and Sorrel. And that Oxeria would maintain its cultural and pro-democratic views, as well as its red uniforms. The Sarovians accused Oxeria of trying to gain greater control, protesting the ''Oxerian Only'' meetings, and the advantage of having more English regions than Sarovia. Despite the Crown's attempts to maintain unity and stability, a referendum was demanded by Oxeria. Sarovia had to accept a referendum, or civil war was inevitable. The parliament meeting, in which only the Oxerians could vote, presented the idea of ​​full and total independence and a democratic ideology, with Emily as the leader. The results were shown and greatly favored total independence. On January 26, 2019, the Oxerian Empire declared its independence and abolished the Saroxerian Union. A new political party was created, known as ''União Popular Democrática de Oxeria (DPUOO)''. And Her Majesty, Emily II VirTue Oxeria proclaimed him as the successor and new legacy of an Oxerian Empire which was designed to be fully independent and which would serve his ideals of 'Order and Justice'. A new parliament with ministers was created, and Oxeria declared itself the Cradle of Graal Democracy.

The Treaty of Nira[edit | edit source]

On 13 October 2021, Princess Lelia of the Oxerian Empire, daughter of Her Majesty Emily II, took over as Oxerian Empress when her mother died. This news spread throughout Estos, reaching the ears of His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX. Thus, the Emperor of the Sarovian Commonwealth invited the Oxerian Empress to Stenhammer Palace where they signed and agreed to follow the Treaty of Nira, whereby Lelia passed her Imperial titles to Constantine IX, who would become His Majesty, Emperor of Oxeria.

Years later, at the Congress of Leda, a change in the title of Oxerian Emperor would be approved for the creation of a royal title in its place, this being the title of: King of the Oxerians (Royo eui do Oxerians)

Oxerian Monarchs[edit | edit source]