Remerra Saroviano

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Remerra Saroviano

Sarovian Possesion

The flag of the Remerra Saroviano.


Crown Colony of the New Sarovian Empire


City of Constantia




Constantine IX Vasa

Colonial Leadership:

Tsu Kinwood
John Vasa



The Remerra Saroviano, also referred to as the Sarovian Possesion, is the former Crown Colony of Boreas, came into being through the Boreas Act, 2023, which in an era of stagnation in the homeland of Estos and an increasing popular demand for expansion to the borders of the world in general and the continent of Boreas in particular, the potential and need for a more permanent and developed presence on that continent has never been greater. This caused the Remerra Saroviano to be created in the lands of the former Crown Colony of Boreas, more precisely, during Tsu Kinwood's first term as Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

Discovery of Boreas[edit | edit source]

During an expedition led by Sir John Vasa, the Prince of Kiev, the former White Squadron of the Imperial Sarovian Navy docked on the mysterious Continent of Boreas (also referred to as Minecraft). Thus, it was a matter of time for White Squadron to set up a naval base on the continent, which is the current Fort Vennersten located in the City of Constantia, the capital of the Remerra Saroviano. That said, White Squadron was responsible for reconnaissance of the territory, which was a relatively difficult task due to the high number of local tribes who were extremely hostile. However, as time went on, many Sarovians from the homeland in Estos began to migrate to the Crown Colony of Boreas in order to obtain Saros. After all, at that time 1 golden ingot was equivalent to 1 Saro. This caused the Crown Colony of Boreas to create and yield many Saros, being considered by the population as: "The Mine of Saros". As time passed, the Sarovians residing on Boreas began to form towns and cities. Among these emerged the City of Constantia, Kinwood Colony, among other towns and cities..

Remerra Saroviano[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Sarovian Navy Reaches the Shores of Continent of Boreas.

Seeing that the Crown Colony of Boreas was growing and many Sarovians wanted to develop into the Crown Colony, Prime Minister Tsu Kinwood in his first term established and proposed to the House of Commons the: Boreas Act, 2023, in which he made explicit the official creation of the Remerra Saroviano as well as its new way of administering and a local militia. Currently, Remerra Saroviano is in a state of inactivity, but the current government has plans to re-establish the Crown Colony.