Grand King of the State (title)

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Grand King of the State

Bennenroyo eui tel Etaso

The Crown of the Grand King of the State


His Royal Majesty, the Grand King of the State

First Monarch:

Auel I

Current Monarch:

Carolus I



The Monarchy of the Grand Kingdom of the State or just The State Monarchy is a key part of the form of government of the Grand Kingdom of the State, personified by the sovereign and head-of-state Statee. The State's Monarchy is Constitutional Parliamentary just like its closest ally, the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions, but at the same time, it incorporates unique features of The State's constitution.

The Current Monarch is Carolus XIII Vasa, who, within The State, is known as Carolus I Vasa, this being the seventh monarch to assume The State legitimately, being of Vasa's lineage. Due to the monarch's priority in matters in other nations such as: New Sarovia, Carolusburg, Metternau, Philippia, the State Monarch is represented by His Excellency, the Governor-General, currently Casjo Avidius. Although, it should not be confused as a Sarovian Dominion just because it has a Governor-General, after all, the State has its own governmental system, and it is not a Sarovian Dominion, but rather a Commonwealth Realm.

International and domestic aspects[edit | edit source]

The Monarch of The State is the same person who rules the other Sarovian Dominions and Commonwealth Realms, members of the Sarovian Commonwealth. However, each kingdom is independent of the others, with the monarchy in each being distinct from the others. No foreign government may advise the monarch on any matters pertaining to The State; In all matters of the Grand Kingdom, the monarch is advised exclusively by the Royal State Parliament, and by the Governor-General.

Style[edit | edit source]

The State monarch's style is:

Carolus I, by the Grace of the Stefan, the Holy Graalian Emperor, and, the Grand Kingdom of the State and of Other Realms and Territories, and, Emperor of the Sarovian Commonwealth.

Before the rise of the Vasa Dynasty, the title was only referred to as: "King of The State" during the Auel Dynasty. Eventually, this would change after the accession of Constantine I, and since then, the title has had its own formal style within The State, although, in New Sarovia, Carolusburg, the monarch has his own style. In this style, it is noted that the monarch held the rank of Holy Graalian Emperor, achieved through the combination of the titles of Holy Western and Eastern Emperor. Claiming the position of governor of the Graalian people just as Tristan was.

History[edit | edit source]

Auel Dynasty[edit | edit source]

The State had as its first royal family the Auel Dynasty, led at the time by His Majesty, the King of the State, Auel I. During his reign, Auel created several governmental institutions for the State, such as: the Supreme Council and the Royal Parliament of the State. During his reign, Auel also faced wars and rebellions, where the Military came to power. In addition, several problems started to appear, which caused Auel to make the State dormant on March 31st, 2013.

In early April 2013, the State is restarted again by Auel I. The State had been reorganized as the Old Military State. But the state still lacked any governmental functions. Also, one of his plans was to divide the game into 5 regions and conquer each one. The main guild is Central Command, led by the State Monarch Auel I himself. In the future, wars would be fought by new military factions, such as Imperial York and Arcadia. During the wars, the state's armed forces saw two prominent and future Auels were officers in this period - Auel II Kusan and Auel III Zor. After months of leadership, Auel I abdicated in favor of Auel II Kusan. And the state collapses under his administration.

The state would never return to its glory days, except for one last hurrah. Auel I and II work together on a concept of a Unitary State Republic, although the government has been ineffective and failed. Auel II Kusan then abdicates in favor of Auel III Zor, who forms an absolute monarchy in mid-2014. The monarchy works well and he accepts help from Auel I and his former officials, although he never formally relinquishes power. In December, Auel I and his officers leave the country and convince members of the government to do the same - overthrowing the government.

The last hurrah would come in the last Aurelian era. Auel returns, though rejects his monarchist past and labeling himself as a dictator. Expanding his forces and influence, he rapidly conquers the military factions that emerged since his absence. Former State soldiers flock under the New State. Massive rallies, parades, and the spread of propaganda bring the State to its largest point in history. The State reaches new levels of efficiency in recruitment, training, management under the leadership of the senior staff. While officially a dictatorship, The State was really an oligarchy the officers under the leadership of Auel. The most important officers during this time were the five Generals: General Pierce, Major Generals Aros Zor-Mako, Morzan, and Vulnus and Brigadier General Slinger. Small guilds unify under a coalition such as Riders of Rohan, Disciples of Discord (State mutineers), Sparta (State mutineers) and others. War is finally declared and the first battle engages at Delta where The State ambushes members of Riders of Rohan. Rohan calls in reinforcements, and a large-scale battle breaks out. The State drives them out, Rohan and allies flee to Dozer's. The State follows and defeats them there.

Disregarding the coalition as a small threat, Auel ignored the rebellion. Rebel forces ambush and defeat State soldiers in a skirmish. Auel gets word of it, and wages total war on the rebellion at Dozer's. While initially winning, Elysia, lead by former State-General Auel II Kusan turns the tide of battle against his former leader, with help from Auel III Zor. The Elysian Guard coupled with the Rebellion began to outnumber The State Military. The battle was the largest in history at the time, and took six hours. The coalition left the battlefield after agreeing to a ceasefire with The State, and Elysia was defeated when all their members left the battlefield

Tired from combat, all sides avoid another battle for the next four days. General Slinger defects and partners with the coalition then battles The State for the last time at Belle Island, where the fighting began. Two hours of fighting lead to no victor. The fate of the battle was left to guild spar at the Belle Battle Arena. The State easily defeats the rebellion and destroys their morale, but losses in defections cause the State to collapse.

When Auel I abdicated, he granted authority to his heir, Morzan. Upon recreating the State, Morzan realises he did not have a desire to lead and after a few talks with Auel, Morzan handed leadership to Auel III Zor. Vulnus had learned of Zor's plans to destroy the State before he was leader, but he wasn't online to stop the transition. Auel III Zor kicked many experienced officers and promoted unqualified members destroying the infrastructure of the State. His last official order as King of the State for the second time was forbidding anyone other than himself to recreate it.

The State would not return in a strong capacity until summer of 2017, where Auel's further descendants would recreate the country to engage in the Great War against Sarovia. Allying with their former enemy of Arcadia (then called Astoria), the Great War ended in a decisive defeat for the State, and Auel's court fled only to return to recreate the Free States.

Vasa Dynasty[edit | edit source]

Coronation of Constantine IX as Grand King of the State, thus becoming Constantine III.

The State would never return in a strong capacity. In October of 2017, Constantine VI Vasa, the King of the Sarovians and Emperor of the Sarovian Commonwealth, would claim the throne of the State. Citing his ancestry to Auel III Zor and his brother's victory over the State the summer prior, he proclaimed himself the Grand King of the State. International affairs were damaged by this severely, though the Emperor considered himself the rightful successor.

In winter of 2017, The Free States was created by Prime Minister Auel. The Free States democratic based with all of the decisions being made by members of the guild through public parliament sessions. The Prime Minister, Auel, was at the head of the guild. Many of the functions of the guild, however, were performed by ministers. The Free States added a second army under Sol Vata Octavian Fessler, and eventually a third under Zaza Hughes. With the combined three armies, the activity of The Free States skyrocketed, reaching a peak at roughly 75 members online at once - though discipline was unheard of and dress and deportment were abysmal.

Official portrait of His Royal Majesty, the Grand King of the State, Constantine III

In response to sanctions being slapped on them by the Parliament of the Free States after Constantine VI had demanded they recognize him as the Grand King of the State, the New Sarovian Empire declared war on The Free States. There were three battles in this war, the first two took place consecutively at Delta Island and MoD Town. The battle of Delta was won by the New Sarovian Empire after only a few hours despite false claims from the Free State, where Sarovians refocused all of their attention to MoD. The Free States were able to hold MoD for much longer, but eventually came to defeat after a grueling 12 hour battle. In this battle, Field Marshal Marty OSE publicly proclaimed Constantine VI as the hero of the State, saving its honour on the field of battle.

Trench warfare over Delta began for three days, with both sides standing out of range of the other, staking their claims. Eventually another skirmish occurred, with the Free States being hurled back. Days later, the Free States collapsed in early January of 2018.

The State was led in personal union with the New Sarovian Empire, and the style of the Sarovian sovereign would always include the title "Grand King of the State." In spring of 2018, Constantine VI officially ceded Big City to the State as part of his domain, and upon his abdication and retirement from Graal, the title passed to his son William. The State was the status quo for a full year by the time July 2019 rolled around, when the title was left to William's son who took the title Constantine II of the State. This allowed the State to become independent, with July 15th as its independence date. This was short lived, for when Empress Brianna came to the throne in 2019, he abdicated in favour of her to re-merge the titles and keep them in the New Sarovian Empire.

The State exists today in Orios and is led by the Grand King of the State, Constantine IX & III, of New Sarovia and the Grand Kingdom of the State, and with him, His Excellency, the Governor-General of the State, Clark.

Monarchs of the Grand Kingdom of the State[edit | edit source]

Name Portrait Reign Place of birth Duration Notes
House of Auel
1 Auel I

"The First King"

N/A ??? Estos ??? Auel I was the first monarch of The State, and was succeeded by Auel II Kusan
2 Auel II

"The Second King"

N/A ??? Estos ??? Auel II Kusan was the second monarch of The State, and was succeeded by Auel III Zor
3 Auel III

"The Third King"

N/A ??? Estos ??? Auel III Zor was the third monarch of The State, and was succeeded by Constantine I Vasa.
House of Zor-Mako-Vasa-Nassau
4 Constantine VI 243 - 246 Estos 3 Stefanic Years Constantine VI & I Vasa was the second to carry the previous title of Tristan I, this being the title of Caesar of the Graal. Thus, Constantine I, after his death he was canonized and became a Saint of the Stefanic Church. And, Constantine I is the first Vasa monarch to take the State throne.
5 William I 247 - 258 Estos 11 Stefanic Years William I Vasa was the King of the Sarovians and Grand King of the State from his reign beginning in 247 AS and Emperor of Oxeria from 248 to 254 AS, before his death and the end of his reign in 258 AS. William I was the second Vasa king of the State and the diplomatic mastermind of the Saro-Oxerian Union, which placed the Sarovian dynasty in control of the old Oxerian Empire rival. Under his reign, the New Sarovian Empire maintained a strong military between both anglophones and lusophones. Scholars call William with the epithet of "the Excellent" for his skillful diplomatic manuevers.
6 Edward I
258 Estos 1 Stefanic Year Edward I Vasa was the King of the Sarovians and Grand King of the State from his reign beginning and ending in 258 AS. Edward I was thrust onto the throne unready and unprepared to solve the disaster unfolding in front of him, and was neither trained nor mentored adequately. He served in the Imperial Sarovian Army as a Field Marshal commanding the 1st Imperial Sarovian Corps and is widely considered a talented military commander prior to obtaining the throne. In his lifetime, he held the titles Baron of Narva and Archduke of Vurgos. Scholars call Edward with the epithet of "the Unready" or "the Unfortunate" for his lacklustre reign.
7 Brianna I 260 - 267 Estos 7 Stefanic Years Brianna I Vasa-Nassau was the Queen of the Sarovians from her reign beginning in 260 AS and the disputed Grand Queen of the State for the entirety of her reign, before her death in 267 AS. Brianna, often simply referred to as "the Queen" as being the only queen regnant in modern Sarovian history was also known as the "Warrior-Queen". Brianna oversaw the turbelent times in 2019 and 2020, including the guiding of the "Sacrovian" personal union with the empire of Sacro. She made cunning and swift diplomatic moves through the annexation of the Sacrovians into the Sarovian realm of Nassau, as well as maintaining the War of the First Coalition (2019), War of the Second Coalition (2019) and the War of the Third Coalition (2020).
8 Francis I 260 - 267 (disputed)

268 (de jure)

Estos 7 Stefanic Years (disputed)

1 Stefanic Year (de jure)

Francis I Vasa-Nassau was a disputed and controversial sovereign of both Vasa realms during his youth, marking a period of significant instability. Officially recognised by the Sarovian Legislative Chamber in 268 AS as the King of the Sarovians, he is the first and only monarch who was a King of another country before becoming sovereign of New Sarovia. He is known as "Francis the Good" in the State for briefly asserting the State's independence within the Vasa Commonwealth and known as "Francis the Usurper" by Sarovians. He is the second shortest reigning Sarovian monarch since Edward I Vasa. Despite his legal regnal name in the State being Constantine II Francis and his Sarovian regnal name as Constantine VII Francis, he is commmonly known simply as Francis I.
9 Constantine III 275 - 311 Estos 36 Stefanic Years Constantine IX Vasa also known as Grand King Constantine III of the State and King Constantine I of Philippia, Metternau, Carolusburg and the Oxerians, was known as the most popular Sarovian monarch in history, and the longest reigning. Constantine IX has been attributed many epithets over his reign, such as "Constantine the Great" (not to be confused with Constantine VI & I Vasa, "Constantine the Holy" and "Constantine the Blessed", but the main epithet that has been attributed to him has been "Constantine the Restorer".
10 Carolus XIII Current Holder Estos Current Holder Carolus XIII Vasa often nicknamed Carolus the Young, is the current Emperor of the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions. Born in 306 AS, Carolus XIII is the grandson of Emperor Constantine IX who reigned from 275 AS to 311 AS. Carolus was second in line to the throne but, upon a private meeting of the Privy Council, his father His Imperial Highness the Prince of Kiev renounced his rights in favour of his son. Carolus gained a legal degree with a specialisation in Sarovian constitutional law from Falkenholm College, and in late 310/311 AS, gained a commission from his grandfather as an Honourary Major of the Imperial Guard Infantry Regiment (No.3 Grenadier Guards) and Honourary Field Marshal of the Imperial Sarovian Army.