List of Sarovian territories

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Impir Sarovianò Rechae

New Sarovian Empire

Old map of the Sarovian territories.

Sovereign state:

New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions

Largest territory:

Remerra Saroviano, Boreas

Official languages:

High Sarovian




Carolus XIII





New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions territories[edit | edit source]

The Territories of the New Sarovian Empire are made up of 8 territories recognized by the GRC, the true and only grail military community. In addition, New Sarovia holds what we call "Sarovian Colonies", which are located in Boreas and Orios, just as the Sarovian Remerra and the Dominion of Philippia and Metternau are located. All territories are inhabited by civilians. All eight territories have foreign relations and defense, with the New Sarovian Empire retaining responsibility for defending and governing them

The Sarovian Dominions territories[edit | edit source]

The Current Sarovian territories[edit | edit source]

The 8 Current territories are:

Flag Name Location Motto Capital Notes
Sarovian Territories in Estos (GraalOnline Classic)
Sarholm City New Sarovia, Estos "Primo Victoria" Sarholm City Sarholm is the current capital of the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions.
Kyiv Delta and Belle Islands, New Sarovia "Vasa is our Right" Fort Nassau Kyiv, also referred to as Kiev, is the principality assigned to the Crown Prince of the New Sarovian Empire. Furthermore, Kyiv is one of the oldest provinces in New Sarovia, with Fort Nassau as its largest tourist center.
Upper Preuze Northern Wilderness, New Sarovia "Stefan with us" Fort Carolus Upper Preuze is one of the oldest provinces in New Sarovia, where it became famous during the Jacobite rebellion, as Jaime Riesburg was captured and taken to Fort Carolus.
Preuze MoD Town, New Sarovia "Remember Modena" Modena Preuze is a highly populated province in the north of the New Sarovian Empire. Its provincial capital, Modena, has been the scene of many historic battles in Sarovia's history and offers a thriving carpentry sector
Vurgos Graal City, Onnet and Foot Hills, New Sarovia "Stefan, Pátria, Imperador" Sarvium Vurgos is the most populous province in New Sarovia, having for many years been a home for Lusophones within the Empire. However, it is possible to note the city of Nira in the province, which is an ethnically Oxerian city that still has a strong culture from its ancestral empire. However, the Oxerians who reside in Nira recognize Carolus XIII as the legitimate Royo eui do Oxerians.
Sarovian Territories in Ostos (GraalOnline Ol'West)
Westling Westling, New Sarovia "Loyalty to the Emperor" Westling Westling has a huge harbor where Imperial Sarovian Navy it anchors when it stops to supply the areas. It is known for its wood and fish. Furthermore, for a long time the Westling Colony belonged to the Golden Empire, where it was known as the Province of Verdun.
St. Charles St. Charles, New Sarovia "VIVAT REX IMPERATOR CAROLUS" St. Charles St Charles, named after the Sarovian patron saint, is an inland territory in northern Ostos. It was the scene of intense historical battles in history, but became more relaxed under Sarovian administration.
Sarovian Territories in Boreas (Minecraft)
Remerra Saroviano Boreas, New Sarovia "To the Future!" City of Constantia The Remerra Saroviano, also referred to as the Sarovian Possesion, is the former Crown Colony of Boreas, came into being through the Boreas Act, 2023, which in an era of stagnation in the homeland of Estos and an increasing popular demand for expansion to the borders of the world in general and the continent of Boreas in particular, the potential and need for a more permanent and developed presence on that continent has never been greater. This caused the Remerra Saroviano to be created in the lands of the former Crown Colony of Boreas, more precisely, during Tsu Kinwood's first term as Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire.