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Imeresse-Douagerre, Katherine

Portrait of Grand Queen Katherine of the State, 2022.


Holy Graalian Empress, Queen of the Sarovians, Empress of the Sarovian Commonwealth, Grand Queen of the State, Queen of Reuss, of Nassau, of Philippia, of Metternau, of Carolusburg and of the Oxerians, Viscount Silvestre.


275 AS to 311 AS




John, Prince of Kiev




269 AS



Katherine Vasa (birth: Katherine Christina Sophia Alexandra Athena Louisa Zor-Mako-Vasa, High Sarovian: Kathrinna Ristina Alessara Athena Leuvica eui Zor-Mako-Vasa) is the former Queen and Empress-Consort of New Sarovia. Born in Sarholm in 269 AS, to her father Edward I Vasa and Queen Zephyr, Katherine would have been the primary claimant to the Sarovian throne had Edward not abdicated in favour of Brianna I Vasa-Nassau. Katherine would join the Imperial Army shortly and serve as an officer within the Royal Sarholm Regiment before meeting Charles Alexander, and would secretly fall in love before the end of the Imperian Wars.

When Charles' great-grandfather Lord Lochland abdicated his title, he would take the title of Viscount Lochland and enter the Sarovian Assembly of Peers, which briefly made Katherine the Lady Lochland. In 275 AS, he was elected by the Assembly of Peers to become the next monarch of New Sarovia when his younger brother, Edward II Vasa-Nassau, rejected the throne of a unified Sarovia. Katherine would serve as the heir to King Philip of Reuss, and after his abdication, would become Queen Katherine of Reuss in her own right. Briefly after, the two decided to marry and grant the title of King of Reuss to Constantine IX, a further step in Sarovian unification.

Katherine, also known as Grand Queen Katherine of the State and Queen Katherine of Philippia, Metternau, Carolusburg and the Oxerians, is known as the longest reigning consort in history. Katherine in many ways has been seen as a steadying figure within the Empire, serving in politics as Prime Minister various times as well as a great military leader.

When her husband Constantine IX passed away in 311 AS, she became the Empress-Dowager of the various realms.

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