Edward II Vasa-Nassau

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Tel Majis Imperialò

Royo, Edward II


Royo eui do Sarovians, Imperad eui lan Comune Saroviana, Royo eui Reuss


270 AS to 273 AS


George I Vasa-Nassau


Constantine IX Vasa




267 AS



Edward II Vasa-Nassau was the King of New Sarovia and later on was the King of Reuss. He is the son of

King George and grandson of Empress Brianna and Emperor Jacob of Sacro. He succeeded the throne after King George's death in early 2020. He abdicated on November 25th 2020. Before his reign, he served in the Imperial Sarovian Army as a Field Marshal. After returning to the New Sarovian Empire, he continued to serve the Imperial Army. He is currently a General.

History[edit | edit source]

Edward II Vasa-Nassau joined the Imperial Army and was commissioned as a Captain in January 2020. Later that same month, he replaced former Field Marshal Moonee as the Field Marshal of the 1st Imperial Sarovian Corps. During his time as Field Marshal, he reformed the structure and training of the 1st Corps, however protests from many 1st Corps forced him to compromise.

During his reign as King of New Sarovia, he carried over the reforms and traditions that were established during the Third Sarovian Empire. Later in his reign, he played a role in establishing a more democratic Sarovian government. After the dissolution of Imperia in 2020, Edward II abolished the New Sarovian Empire and collaborated with Emperor Jacob of Sacro and Premier Emily II of Oxeria to found the Carolite Union (Commonwealth of Reuss and Commonwealth of Nassau) and the Nafets Confederation. The Carolite Union was called in to assist Oxeria against Maveria. The war with Maveria resulted in the destruction of Oxeria. Following that, Edward II led a campaign to defend smaller guilds (Ross and Neridor) against Nekron and forces led by Hizack.

He passed the throne to his son Field Marshal Philip at the end of 2020.