Kingdom of Reuss

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The Kingdom of Reuss

The flag of the Kingdom of Reuss, 2020.


2015-2016, 2019-present


Aros I, Constantine II of the State, Brianna I, Edward II Vasa-Nassau, Philip Vasa-Nassau, Katherine I Vasa-Nassau

Part of:

Subordinate kingdom to the New Sarovian Empire

Current Monarch:

Katherine I Vasa-Nassau

The Kingdom of Reuss (also known as the Court of Reuss) is a subordinate kingdom of the New Sarovian Empire. The Kingdom of Reuss is an ancient realm that dates back to 2012 and 2013 under the name of Roisa. It was founded by the old Zor monarchs under the title of Rex Roisa, specifically Carolus IV Zoar. It is the oldest of the Sarovian kingdoms and has been so interconnected with Sarovian history that it is very hard to separate them.

History[edit | edit source]

Roisa[edit | edit source]

Roisa began when Carolus IV began the transition to Sarovianisation, renaming his office from Rex Septentrionis to Rex Roisa, an old version of the word Reuss, named after the mountain range that surrounded the old missing city of Sars and the north of Graal. The Kingdom went through many monarchs at peace and a golden age of literature, but eventually Carolus V abdicated in favour of Iohannes who became Carolus VI. Immediately the new King had declared war on the State, and won four successful battles in the north of Graal - though none of them proved decisive. After a battle on the outskirts of the old city of Sar, those faithful to Stefan and Carolus VI had finally discovered their ancestral home was missing - and could never find its archeological roots.

Carolus VI had pushed his army near the River Nafets, and engaged an army of the State in a pitched battle. According to the Historia Sarovianorum, the skirmishers of the State fired a volley of arrows which were caught by Stefan’s grasp, saving the King from death, but when a Roisan archer was persuaded by the Stephanist influence of Xor and fired at Carolus VI, the arrow lodged under his arm and he was dragged from the battlefield, and died the next day, making the new King Carolus VII. The next morning, both sides began to fight again, and by night, both sides broke off, with no clear winner. For four days afterwards, Carolus VII and the ancient King of the State, Auel I, negotiated peace. Terms were finally found on the fifth day, where the State would cede all lands north of the River Nafets to Roisa when Auel I died, and pay the equivalent of 60,000 Saros today.

Upon the march back to Roisian territory, Carolus VII died due to the cold of winter, leaving no heir. His officers hid this fact from the men until it was discovered outside of the Roisian capital, where many defected and went back to their farms. Afterwards, the title became secondary - with the main focus as the Emperor of Imperial York.

The coat of arms of Reuss as of January 2021.

Court of Reuss[edit | edit source]

Under Aros I Zor-Mako, the Court of Reuss was established in mid 2015. The nation proclaimed would be incredibly feudal and offer autonomy to all sorts of people, which it hoped would establish some sense of common identity in the future. This system would not last. One member of the family, Caen Zor-Mako, would backstab the King and oust him in a coup. This collapsed the court, though the title lived on as a subordinate title in the Sarovian monarchy.

Kingdom of Reuss[edit | edit source]

After its more recent decline, it was brought back as one half of the Commonwealth of Reuss and Nassau, the precursor to the modern NSE. Reuss is one of the two constituent countries of the New Sarovian Empire. Comprising the English-speaking portion of the NSE, it is led by Her Royal Majesty Katherine I of the House of Vasa-Nassau. The Kingdom received more autonomy during the reign of Edward II, around the time it obtained higher recognition along other realms of the Crown. After the abdication of Edward II, the throne passed to Philip I Vasa-Nassau, which led it for months before his eventual death - giving it to his heir, a Colonel of the 1st Imperial Division Athena, who took the regnal name of Katherine upon becoming Queen of Reuss.