Peerage Act, 2021

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Peerage Act, 2021


No.4 of 2021

Assented to:

9th of March, 2021

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



Within New Sarovia there has always been an aristocratic class of the nobility (known in New Sarovia as peers), represented by wealth and influence. Since 2016 they have existed, these being princes, dukes, counts/earls, viscounts and barons. The Peerage Act confirms these positions in their legality as well as include conditions to maintain it as well as other details. Knights of the Empire from the Order of the Vasas, the Order of the New Sarovian Empire and the Order of the Griffon are also considered members of the peerage, but not of the nobility.

Inheritance of titles works through primogeniture, so the eldest child eventually inherits the title, or from pre-written wills, and if there is no legal family member, the titles are given to the Crown.

The Assembly of Peers also holds meetings, which are held after meetings of the House of Commons, or, may also be convened by the Emperor to deal with some particular issue.