Henrike Kinwood

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Henrike Kinwood-Vrazyord


291 AS


304 AS to present


Ensign of the Royal Carodian Militia, Minister of Defense of Carolusburg (2023 - Present)


Kinwood-Vrazyord family

Henrike Kinwood (full name: Henrike Kinwood-Vrazyord Atmos-Xenir Salk'kaarise) is the son of Saaphirzeoth Kinwood and the nephew of Theodor Kinwood. Currently Henrike is known to be a great footballer and also Minister of Defense for the Dominion of Carolusburg.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Henrike Kinwood grew up on the Continent of Estos, more precisely in the province of Preuze, where he acquired knowledge and study. Henrike Kinwood grew up without his biological parents, and only in 2021 would he be found by Saaphirzeoth Kinwood who would adopt him and make him his son. Thus, Henrike would become part of the Kinwood Family.

In addition, Henrike passed through several kingdoms and barbarian clans that inhabited Estos. Among these barbarian guilds was the Holy Hanorian Emperor led at that time by Jacob. During his time in Hanor, Henrike entered the Stefanic clergy as a Cardinal of Hanor, but eventually strayed from Stefan's ways into paganism.

One of Henrike's (known as "Kay") most iconic stints in other nations was the Kaiserreich of Phoenix, on the Continent of Ostos, led by his uncle Theodor Kinwood. From that day forward, Henrike remained faithful and devoted to the Kaiserreich of Phoenix and learned various combat tactics as well as ways to manage military regiments. But, in time, it would all end with Phoenix going into a dormant state, and Henrike would once again be roaming the world.

While still in Ostos, Henrike established a mercenary gang known as the Atmos Company, which was only briefly active due to the Angelite threat to his gang and their interests. Which made Henrike send a formal letter to the Dominion of Carolusburg asking for the forgiveness of His Royal Majesty, Constantine I, the King of Carolusburg and Aurea, to authorize his entry into the Imperial Sarovian Navy.

Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

After Henrike's entry into the Imperial Sarovian Navy, authorized by His Royal Majesty, Constantine I, Henrike fought several engagements against the Angelites during the Angelite Rebellion. However, in the future, Henrike would be transferred from the Imperial Sarovian Navy to the Royal Carodian Militia, where he would later become a great officer and an excellent militiamen.

Footballer[edit | edit source]

We can't talk about Henrike Kinwood without talking about football. It is not news to people that Henrike Kinwood is one of the greatest footballers of antiquity. During his period of activity Henrike broke several records playing for the club of his heart, FC Dufort. Henrike was also known as "KR7" due to his jersey number.