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Erich Septim, 2nd Earl of Nira


281 AS


295 AS to 305 AS


2nd Earl of Nira


Septim-Clive family

The 2nd Earl of Nira, Erich Septim (full name: Erich Septim-Clive) was an active member of the Imperial Sarovian Navy, who served as Lieutenant of the Imperial Marines Detachment. Furthermore, Erich Septim was the father of Chris Septim-Clive, Regalius Septim-Clive and Thomas Septim-Clive.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Erich Septim was born to a Communist Aurean veteran and mother in 238 AS. Erich's father, named Tullius Septim, was a minor nobleman and a close dynastic heir to the Kingdom of Octavia, which was absorbed into the Communist Aurean States. During various wars, Tullius defected to the Imperial Sarovian Army during the reign of Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Brianna I Vasa-Nassau, more precisely in January 2020. During Tullius' initial period in the Imperial Sarovian Army, he stood out and was promoted quickly. Although Tullius was rising to prominence and showing his worth, he opted to defect from the Imperial Army in February 2020 on the request of many other Octavian minor nobility demanding his return. It was revealed that Tullius was summoned to be the Emperor of Octavia.

Although Tullius' reign looked promising, he had to face several problems, the main one being the Maveria Kaiserreich. This is due to the fact that Twister Crodax, their former Prime Minister, betrayed the Octavian Empire in order to help the Maverian Kaiserreich. After this betrayal, Erich was defeated and taken as a prisoner of war to the Maveiran Kaiserreich, and forced to serve. Furthermore, civil unrest had forced the Emperor to abdicate in favour of a new title - Archduke of Octavia. This would engage in further civil conflict and, Tullius and his newly born son would begin a Succession War known as the Great Winter Green Revolution, where they overthrew the previous monarch. After some time, his father, Tullius, abdicated the throne of Octavia passing the Imperial Crown to Erich, who would become Erich I of Octavia.

During the Second Saro-Aurean War, Erich was tainted by switching sides several times, where he received offers from Kevlar and New Sarovia. But, Erich chose to help the New Sarovian Empire in the war against Aurea, where he killed several Aureans.

Sarovia 2022[edit | edit source]

Erich Septim after the Second Saro-Aurean War had proved his loyalty to His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, who welcomed him into the New Sarovian Empire with open arms. Erich in Ostos, would enlist in the Royal Carodian Militia along with his son Regalius. Also, in Estos, in the Imperial Army, Erich would graduate from Kiev Staff College in 2022, becoming Second Lieutenant. Octavia would be dissolved and brought into the Carodian Dominion.

Erich Septim was the 2nd Earl of Nira in Dominion of Carolusburg and the New Sarovian Empire, and served as an Officer in the Imperial Navy, more specifically in the Imperial Marines Detachement.

Sarovia 2023[edit | edit source]

During his campaign with the Viya Trading Company he helped to supply Sarovia with equipment and aid, assisting in training new Viya recruits. Viya showed a decent amount of success for a brief amount of time but after a dispute Erich Septim would betray Sarovia again after he joined a rival faction. He would be stripped of his titles and removed from Sarovia acting as a traitor to Sarovia.

He actively faught against Sarovian forces In the Dominion of Carolusburg, working with factions such as Russia and Angel often joining in on battles against Sarovia.

Early 2024[edit | edit source]

Acted as a catalyst for the braking of ties with Aldara after a dispute occurred during negotions with Aldara making him both a traitor and an active terrorist.