Albaros Vasa

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His Excellency

Sir Albaros Vasa, Duke of Vurgos

Portrait of Duke Albaros in his Privy Counsellor uniform.


Rosecuizo of the Crown Intelligence and Security Agency


Constantine IX Vasa, Carolus XIII Vasa

Preceded by:

Position established

Succeeded by:



At His Imperial Majesty's Pleasure


303 AS


304 AS - present


Duke of Vurgos, Viscount Lochland, Counsellor of State, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Vasas, Order of the New Sarovian Empire, Order of the Griffon, etc



Albaros Vasa (birth: Albaros Tristame Consteynnos Otovaros Fridaros Carolus eui Vasa, in English: Albert Tristam Constantine Otto Frederick Charles of Vasa) is the current Rosecuizo of the Crown Intelligence and Security Agency (CISA), and cousin to Carolus XIII Vasa, King & Emperor of the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions. Albaros was born in 304 as the son of Sevirax Vasa, Albaros was distant in the line of succession for the throne in New Sarovia and various other realms. Much like the path of his cousin Carolus, Albaros was accustomed to Sarovian culture through the use of High Sarovian naming traditions and took up a civilian lifestyle unlike previous members of the House of Vasa.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Albaros would take after his father, Sevirax, and approach a life of justice and intelligence. He joined the junior ranks of CISA upon the insistence of the Emperor and his father. Upon the death of Constantine IX Vasa, Carolus bestowed the titles of Duke of Vurgos and Lord Lochland, the latter a precious title of the former Emperor, onto Albaros, as well as his investment into the Privy Council. Albaros briefly served as the Minister of Education in the second Marchwood Cabinet, before being tapped by the Emperor to be promoted within the ranks of CISA to assume the title of Rosecuizo (English: Royal & Imperial Executive Director), an independent title.