The Charter of the Order of the Griffon, 2022

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Charter of the Order of the Griffon, 2022


Charter of the Ord. of the Griffon

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The Charter of the Order of the Griffon, 2022, was established in June 2022 (AS 294) by an Imperial Decree on the part of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Constantine IX. During the Jacobite Rebellion, many ideas arose about creating an "Order of the Loyalists" to reward Lusophones for staying with their rightful Emperor, Constantine IX. This became the Fraternity of Loyalists, a fraternity created by order of the Emperor but never elaborated. However, to celebrate His Imperial Majesty's 20th Stefanic year on the throne, the Order of the Griffin was created to complement the Brotherhood of Loyalists. The Most Esteemed Order of the Griffin is the third and lowest order of chivalry in the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions, where civilians and soldiers can be sworn in. The Order is represented by a green sash between its recipients, in addition, its members are appointed by the Emperor during a special ceremony.

The Most Esteemed Order of the Griffin is divided into three levels, namely: Knight Grand Cross, Knight Commander and Companion. New members automatically become Companions of the Order, and upon being a Companion for five months, are promoted to the rank of Knight Commander. To reach the rank of Knight Grand Cross, one must be a loyal knight for an entire year. The Order is dedicated to the image of the Griffin: the symbol of English Sarovians is the lion and the symbol of Lusophone Sarovians is a eagle, that griffin is both; symbolizing unity and strength between Anglophones and Lusophones. Furthermore, the Motto of the Most Esteemed Order of the Griffin is: "Our strength is loyalty to the Emperor." Members of the Order wear the green sash on their ceremonial uniform and on occasions, in addition to the Order being abbreviated to the suffix OG.