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Viya Trading Company

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The Viya Trading Company (also referred to simply as Viya) is the newest institution of the lmperial Sarovian Armed Forces. The Viya Trading Company survives in the GraalOnline Era and is currently run by Highfater (in High Sarovian: Pazietella) Don Constantine.

History[edit | edit source]

Foundation[edit | edit source]

The New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions and His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, Constantine IX, had many interests in the Graal Era. In addition, a considerable amount of enemies of the New Sarovian Empire and the Commonwealth as a whole were taking refuge in the Graal Era because it was the place where the New Sarovian Empire did not live (although the New Sarovian Empire already tried to carry out several expeditions in Graal Era, however, without good results).

However, by order of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, Constantine IX, later to become the Pazietella eui Fami Saroviana (Patriarch of the Sarovian Family, an honorary title given to Constantine IX as leader and head of the Viya Trading Company), members of the The Imperial Sarovian Army and the Imperial Sarovian Navy were summoned to work in the Viya Trading Company with the objective of eliminating the enemies of the Empire, namely: La Compania (NEC/CJNG), Arden Crime Family, Angtwo and the newly created Kompania Bello affiliated with the Free City of Oldenburg.

The properties of Viya Trading Company.

The Viya Trading Company has faced several battles since its foundation, but it has always managed to outperform its enemies, defeating them in several skirmishes throughout the Graal Era. In addition, the Pazietella together with the Viya Trading Company, annexed the region of Italia, which would later be nicknamed Viya in honor of the Trading Company controlled by the New Sarovian Empire. Therefore, the Viya Trading Company started selling properties in that region in order to increase its economic power, which worked for a long time. Furthermore, Pazietella resides in Laujia, which is the Company Headquarters, while visiting the GraalOnline Era.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Below you can check the structure of Viya Trading Company:

  • Pazietella: Highfather, the patriarch and commander of the Sarovian family. Often referred to as the "Father of Sarovia". This is an honorary title bestowed upon Don Constantine by the Trading Company of Viya.
  • Doimera: Executive, the chief executive officer of the Viya Trading Company and in command of Sarovian controlled ports. They run the Trading Company through the day-to-day.
  • Falarizo: Speaker/Advisor, they act as the Pazietella and the Doimera's advisor, giving information and advice on the status of the Trade Company.
  • Full-Members: Full members, or made-men, are Sarovian citizens who can prove that they have Sarovian ancestry. Full members must complete certain objectives and swear a very sacred oath. Taking the oath is a promise to never leave Sarovia ever: breaking it means that they will forever be exiled and their friends and family in any Graal game will be punished for their lies.
    • Copti: Captain, they are the "colonels" and leaders of the Viya Trading Company. They have authority over individuals in lower positions and form a "Department", and are expected to make money for company. All the lower positions pool their money to the Copti, which will distribute a majority equally to all their men and some to the Company treasury.
    • Hawarizo: Fighter, they are the second-in-commands to the Copti. It is the job of a Hawarizo to make sure the lower positions pay their expected amount every week, and also defend the Company from outside interference.
    • Intilizo: Wiseman, they are the first full member of the Company. They have taken the official oath, met the requirements and have given their all for the Mother and the Father. They take on specific tasks from their Copti and aid running the Department.
  • Associate Members:Associate members are members of the Trading Company who have not sworn the oath and met the prerequistes. Associates are expected to serve a Copti in a Department, and make money for the Company.
    • Mêraizo: Hands, they are experienced, talented and veteran associates of the Company who've been here awhile, but haven't met all of the requirements to be sworn in. They mentor and advise the Associarre in their progress in the company.
    • Associarre: Associate, they are connected with the Company but may not be trusted to perform duties yet. Associates are expected to bring in money to their Copti and learn the ropes from a Mêraizo.