The Pensions Act, 2023

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Pensions Act, 2023


No.2 of 2023

Assented to:

27th of February, 2023

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



The government of the New Sarovian Empire has established two pensions to encourage citizens to work for the government: the civilian pension and the armed forces pension (AFP). The civilian pension is given to all members of the civil service who serve for six months or more without intervals, while the AFP is given to members of the Imperial Army, Imperial Navy, or other areas designated by the Empire who serve for 14 months without intervals. Both pensions offer a monthly payment for life in Saros, which can be exchanged for Gralats in GraalOnline Classic. Pensions are available to everyone who meets the eligibility requirements and cannot be revoked unless the recipient is convicted of a serious crime under the Mathiveas Law Code. Pension amounts increase for those who serve longer, but a recipient can only receive one of two pensions.