Dauphine of Carolusburg and Aurea (title)

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Dauphinate of Aurea

Creation Date:

227 AS

Created by:

Kevlar II Vaughn


Carodian Assembly of Peers

First holder:

Mika Vaughn

Present holder:

Dame Margaret Vasa OSE

The Dauphine of Carolusburg and Aurea or also referred to as Dauphine of Carodia (in High Sarovian: Dauphine eui Carolusburg y Aurea) is the title reserved for the wife of the Dauphin of Carolusburg and Aurea (title of the heir apparent to the Aurean crown) . The title serves as a sort of "consort" to the original title of Dauphin of Carolusburg and Aurea.

History[edit | edit source]

The First Dauphine[edit | edit source]

The Title arose in the ancient Aurean Empire, more specifically during 227 AS when Kevlar II Vaughn reigned over the Aurean Empire. Kevlar II Vaughn married and had a bastard son, known as Kevlar III Vaughn who would later assume the Aurean throne. Shortly before the death of Kevlar II Vaughn, his son, Kevlar III Vaughn would marry a noblewoman of the Regium Dynasty, her name was Mika Regium. Thus, Kevlar III married Mika Regium who would go on to become part of the Vaughn Dynasty, thus implementing the Regium Dynasty within Vaughn Dynasty.

After the wedding, Kevlar III Vaughn addressed the former Aurean House of Lords to propose creating the title of Dauphine of Aurea for his beloved wife. However, at that time the Aurean House of Lords was full of people prejudiced against women, seeing them as an inferior race (this can be proven since only during the reign of Cassio I Vaughn women could enlist in the Imperial Aurean Army), this turned the entire Aurean House of Lords against Kevlar III and did not agree to create a title for Mika Vaughn. However, afraid of his son defecting from the Aurean Empire and fleeing to the New Sarovian Empire, Kevlar II opposed the entire Aurean House of Lords and created the title. Thus, Mika would become the first holder of the title ofDauphine of Aurea.

The Dauphine in Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

After the annexation of the Aurean Empire to the Dominion of Carolusburg when Constantine IX was crowned as the rightful Aurean Emperor, the title would later be handed over to the wife of John Vasa, the Dauphin of Carodia. This being Dame Margaret Vasa, who became the first Dauphine of Carolusburg and Aurea of ​​the Vasa Dynasty.