Antone Leonhart

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Antone Leonhart


Constantine IX Vasa


Chief Warrant Officer. Chief Petty Officer.

Formed Positions

Minister of Development


284 AS


291 AS - Present


Family Leonhart

Luís Antônio Vicente Leonhart, (In Alto Saroviano: Louis Antone Vintos Leonhardt) Known as: Antone Leonhart is a military man of Imperial Army, of The Blue Guard, the "Regemento eui Mulgardos", which is currently led by his daughter, Narcisse Leonhart, Antone arrived in the Imperial Army in 291 AS, also served as Colonel of the Regimento de Kiev, but retired and joined the Imperial Sarovian Constabulary, he became Commissioner but left the Imperial Constabulary. And now he has returned to the Army, where he is currently a Chief Warrant Officer. Antone is also serving Imperial Sarovian Navy where he is currently Chief Petty Officer, he also served as Commodore of HIMS Atlas. Antone was once a Member of Parliament of Dominion of Carolusburg and Sarovia in Carodian, he was Minister of Development.