The Constitution Act

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Constitution Act, 2020


Constitution Act

Assented to:

19th of May, 2020

Enacted by:



21st of November, 2020, 5th of August, 2021, 27th of December, 2022

The New Sarovian Constitution was created in 2020 by King George I Vasa-Nassau on the advice of 1st Viscount Lochland, Prime Minister Alexander Vasa and was amended in 2021 and 2022. It outlines rules and protections that every Sarovian citizen is entitled to and allows whoever reads it to understand the Empire more clearly. It has nine sections in total and each section covers a different but important part of New Sarovia.

Section one details the full name of New Sarovia and other names that have been used in the past, explains the flag of the Empire and the coat of arms along with other symbols. Section two unifies the old Sarovian subordinate kingdoms and that these kingdoms have pledged their allegiance to Sarovia. Section three establishes the Imperial Parliament and Privy Council along with declaring absolute executive power in the Crown. Section four outlines courts within the Empire and the selection of judges along with establishes the Mathiveas Code of Law as the official codex. Section five outlines New Sarovian currency and its legality, along with real estate, manufacturing, business and property. Section six outlines Imperial Succession and other laws relating to the Crown, such as abdication. Section seven explains the rights of every New Sarovian citizen. Section eight details the various rights and privileges the Peerage have. Finally, section nine explains how to amend various parts of the Empire by Parliament or the Crown.