Suke Theodoro

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2nd Baron Rossbury

Lord Suke Theodoro, 2nd Baron Rossbury, Major of the Empire, Officer of Sarovian Army
BR Major

Portrait of Lord Suke Theodoro.


Major of the New Sarovian Empire, Officer of Sarovian army


Constantine IX Vasa

Granted a Title:

298 AS


256 AS


316 AS


2nd Baron Rossbury,Major of the Imperial Sarovian Army, Minister of Culture


Theodoro Family

Lord Suke Theodoro, also known simply as Lord Suke, was the Second Baron Rossbury, Major of the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions. He was also part of the Parliament, under the Hats Party (in High Sarovian: "Parti eui Chapis") Managing to hold the position of Minister of Culture for a certain period. Furthermore, Lord Suke was once Major (in High Sarovian: "Magere") of the Imperial Sarovian Army. Suke had considerable prestige in the Sarovian empire, but he ended up losing two opportunities to be a Colonel, After graduating from Kiev staff college, he gradually grew up to become a Major in Lancers and then Vurgos. He gained his title of 2nd Baron Rossbury at the offer of Emperor Constantine IX, joining the peerage. It is also worth noting that Lord Suke was the older brother of Lord Klaiden Valt, although he did not recognize his younger brother for being a children of their father's second marriage. He was also the father of Suke II Theodoro S. Duarte Orleans.