Metternau Bush War

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The Metternau Bush War

The aftermath of the landing at Torchill Heights, 2021.


14 August 2021 - 26 October 2021


Dominion of Philippia, Republic of Metternau, Dominion of Metternau


Sarovian victory
• Dominion of Metternau regained
• Exile of John Torchill

Territorial changes:

Sarovian reconquest of the territory across the Saabre.

On the 14th of August, at 9:27pm EST, the legislature of the Sarovian Dominion of Metternau on the continent of Orios (Roblox) declared their UDI - their Unilateral Declaration of Metternauian Independence. This unlawful rebellion was led by John Torchill, Jacob Gillian and Nicholas Fields whom wished to create their own sovereign state again.

The first moves of the war began on the 15th of August when General Sir Jafar al-Assad moved troops north of the Dominion of Metternau, which had proclaimed itself the Republic of Metternau, while diplomatic options were still considered. A naval battle on the 16th of August occurred in the River Segres between Sarovian and Metternauian gunboats, which left two Metternauian transports sunk. On the 16th of August, Philippian forces were dispatched to the village of Muka but were repulsed. Later on the 20th, Philippian forces once again attacked. A press release from the Philippian Prime Minister reads:

"The town of Muka was again assaulted by Philippian forces. The town's entire garrison was wiped out with zero casualties on the Sarovian side. The Sarovian flag was raised at the center of the town at dawn. Metternau did not send any more forces to retake the town and Sarovians were able to hold the town. Overall it is a Sarovian victory."

A painting by Admiral Arthur Ridgeway, State attache.

Military maneuvers led to Philippian soldiers and Metternauian rebels meeting on the plains of Bezi on the 27th of August in the fledgling Republic, where General al-Assad swiftly and decisively defeated the Metternauian field army under General Nicholas Fields. For the rest of the Bush War, the Metternauians would be in defensive positions. Subsequent victories were won at the town of Suscola, though they were overshadowed by the previous victory at Bezi. A brief attack at the village of Glane's Landing by General al-Assad led to a Sarovian retreat and subsequent partial siege, which after three weeks General Fields retreated.

Mounting political pressure from back home forced General al-Assad to halt his offensive throughout September conducting hit and run raids and probing attacks to cross the Segres river, which was certain to bring high casualties. An opportunity arose when the Imperial Navy managed to position itself south of Torchill Heights in OPERATION HYENA. A press release from the Philippian Prime Minister reads:

On the 17th of October, Year of the Lord Stefan 2021, the III Corps under the command of General Sir Jafar al-Assad launched the daring Operation Hyena 100km south of the capitol of the rebellious Metternauian enemy. After victories against the Metternauian rebels at Suscola and Muka, III Corps was stalled at the Battle of Glane’s Landing, in which it could not advance without taking heavy casualties. After a feint on the provincial capital of Ilaburgh, which rebellious fervor is indeed stronger than the Gillsbury capital, the General and Prime Minister of the Dominion of Philippia engaged in a daring operation to land troops near Gillsbury to seize the capital and force a surrender. The optimal landing spot would be Torchill Heights – heavy defended by the enemy, but if beaten, the road to Gillsbury would be open and unable to be defended in time for an occupation of the city.

Before dawn, a group of ships from Orange Squadron sailed past Metternauian guns with minimal damage and just after dawn, Sarovian landing craft hit the beaches to a hail of gunfire. With extensive casualties, the Metternauian defenders down the slopes near the water were cut down, as their comrades showered the pride of Sarovia with artillery and machine guns. Just before darkness fell, the Sarovian troops managed to break into the elastic Metternauian rebel defenses and take the heights, leading the way to the capital. '

On the 22th, the capital of the Dominion of Metternau Gillsbury was taken by Sarovian and Philippian forces at dusk after shelling the remaining rebels before their withdrawal. Later on, the Treaty of Gillsbury was signed between the newfound Grand Duchy of Gillia and the New Sarovian Empire.