Jadye Leyndell

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Her Lordship

Jadye Leyndell, Countess of Karlstadt

Official portrait of Jadye in Imperial Sarovian Army uniform


Countess of Karlstadt


Constantine IX Vasa

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:



305 AS


292 AS


296 AS to present


Signaller-General of the Imperial Sarovian Army and President of the Treasury Board


Leyndell family

The 1st Countess of Karlstadt, also known as Jadye Leyndell, is currently a Signaller-General of the Imperial Army and a member of the Assembly of Peers of the New Sarovian Empire. Jadye is the daughter of Dante (better known as Alucard) who was king of a barbarian guild known as Wallachia, as well as monarch of the New Spartan Kingdom.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Jadye Leyndell began her career in the community within the Kaiserreich of Phoenix, led by Theodor Kinwood. During his time in Phoenix, Jadye would become Oberst of the Phoenix Infantry. Jadye remained in Phoenix until it entered a dormant state, where, in the future, Jadye would pass through several other barbarian guilds. Among these barbarian guilds was Wallachia, which would become their home for a long time.

Jadye developed in the military branch within the barbarian Kingdom of Wallachia, where he learned martial arts and how to handle weapons such as axes, swords, spears, etc. However, his father, Dante, would find himself in a state of infirmity, making it impossible for him to continue commanding the kingdom. So, Dante abdicated his titles in favor of his eldest son, Dolley, so that he could become King of Wallachia.

At first, Jadye created expectations about Dolley and his future reign, but they were completely broken due to the authoritarian and anti-democratic way that Dolley led. It wasn't long before Jadye betrayed her home and took refuge in the lands of the Free City of Oldenburg where she would become Marschall and fight against her own house, against her own family. As Jadye led the Oldenburg forces along with Christian on the attacks against Wallachia, her father, Dante, invited her to his chambers for a meeting near the end of his death. At that meeting, his father said:

"Yes my daughter. From the beginning, you were always right. I should not have entrusted my reign to Dolley, but to you. Now, it seems that the Wallachian crow is flying in the dark lands..."

Those words further motivated Jadye to fight Wallachia and give her soul to destroy her former home. And that's what Jadye did. Causing Dolley to close down the Kingdom of Wallachia. However, Jadye would not last long in Oldenburg, as she would pass through several other barbarian nations, such as Hanover, where she would become Queen, but all that would change when Jadye met Gabriel Bonhart, an officer of the Regimento de Kiev.

Sarovia[edit | edit source]

The next morning, Jadye would go to Kiba Barracks to enlist in the Imperial Sarovian Army. Thus, Jadye joined the Regimento de Kiev and would later graduate from the BT course at Ironwood Academy. However, in the future, Jadye would be transferred to the Regimento de Vurgos. In addition, during his passage through the Regimento de Vurgos (which lived in worse conditions), together with a group of people, they helped Vurgos to restructure. Thus, Jadye was recognized by her fetuses when she received the Volunter Cross Medal's. In the future, Jadye would become Colonel of Vurgos, where the Regiment was one of the most active in the Imperial Sarovian Army. However, due to Jadye's inactivity for a certain period of time due to her work, Jadye stepped down from command of the Regiment and became Signaller-General appointed by the Ministry of Defense for her excellent leadership skills.

Sarovia 2023[edit | edit source]

She would serve as the Signaller-General of the Imperial Sarovian Army up untill June 2023 or (306) helping to run the 2nd Corps. After many years of service she would leave Sarovia completly after a dispute and would later be seen joining Sacro but did not actively work with them despite the promotion that she was given there, she remains inactive to this day.