Imperial Edict No.1

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Imperial Edict No.1, 2021


Imperial Edict No.1

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Imperial Edict No.1. was a decree written by His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, on February 20, 2021. Imperial Edict No.1 was a decree of appointment, where His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, appointed as the new judge of court, His Grace, the 4th Duke of Poltava, Sir Sevirax Vasa. Furthermore, His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, in accordance with sections 7 and 5 of the Imperial Constitution which allows the Sovereign the ability to appoint Ambassadors and Ministers of the Imperial Parliament. Namely, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has appointed new Cabinet members to the following positions: Prime Minister Leg Ironside, Minister of Culture Isabel, Minister of Finance Rachael, Minister of Justice Sting, Minister of Internal Affairs Yennefer.

Furthermore, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, pursuant to section 7 of the Constitution, permitting the Sovereign to appoint "Deputies to offices that are of importance to the state", specifically: the Prince of Kiev John Vasa, the 4th Duke of Poltava Sir Sevirax Vasa-Nassau, the Count of Elster Clement Picton, the Count of Navars, Juno Aviz, Sir Alucard and Sir Aaron. These individuals would form a committee and investigate whether or not the Dylan Fairfax illegally caused the government to collapse.