Dylan Fairfax

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Dylan Fairfax OSE PC is a prominent politician, Peer and senior army officer in the New Sarovian Empire. Regarded as one of the most capable members of the Army, and a role model out of his achievements through merit, he also served as New Sarovia's second Prime Minister in the Caps Party, serving two terms before retiring from public life.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Dylan Fairfax enlisted as a soldier in the 2nd Infantry Division under King Carolus XII Vasa in August of 2017 after the victory in the Great Northern War. Under Colonel Rose, the Division was destroyed at the Battle of Kiev's Drift, though Dylan had survived his last stand with the rest of I Corps. Dylan was switched around a lot from the 3rd Artillery Division to requesting to join the 4th Hussars Division, which he serve with as long as it lasted. Dylan served with distinction in the Saro-Byzantine Wars and would fight in the Battle of the Frederickian Line in the Second Great War, which he was awarded the Spurs of the Hussars for his service. He was promoted to Sergeant early 2018 in the reign of Constantine VI & I Vasa before taking a leave of absence for several months.

Commissioned[edit | edit source]

Returning from leave in August of 2018 under the reign of William I in Saro-Oxeria. Serving with distinction and winning the Victory Cross in the Twisterite Rebellions, he was promoted to Sergeant Major in November of the same year. Princess Brianna Vasa-Nassau had approached the Sergeant Major and had offered to pay his tuition to the Kiev Staff College and privately mentor him. He was taught by the Princess in matters such as tactics, the Constitution and history. The mentorship ended with Dylan gaining his commission. As an anti Unionist, he supported the abolition of the Saro-Oxerian union and he served in the Saro-Imperian Campaigns and won his Star of Carolus in the Sixth Battle of Poltava.

In February of 2019, Dylan was promoted to Major and styled as a Duke, leading Duke Dylan's Regiment, a predecessor to the Royal Reuss Regiment. Quickly whipping them into shape, lots of conflict rose between Duke Aaron's and Duke Dylan's which led to a near mutiny, which Dylan suppressed. In the Saro-Imperian Campaigns, Dylan fought numerous battles and won a knighthood for his victories. The Regiment was disbanded in April of 2019. Approached by CISA, he engaged in a recon position on the Imperian border reporting movements for two months. This absence was probably for the better, as the Auro-Imperian invasion and subsequent abdication of Emperor Edward I Vasa allowed him to escape the onslaught.

Empress Brianna to Edward II[edit | edit source]

After returning, he was a commissioned officer of Empress Brianna I Vasa-Nassau yet still continued with his mission with CISA, rooting out Aurean spies in Sarovia such as Ajax and Muzak. He also reformed the English portion of Sarovia, and led the 2nd Foot Guards as its Colonel - and under the Empress, defeated Aurea by the end of the summer. During the Monarchist Revolution, Empress Brianna was replaced briefly by Francis I Vasa-Nassau and then George I Vasa-Nassau, and Dylan retained his spot, remaining impartial in the end.