Charter of His Imperial Majesty’s Privy Council

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Charter of His Imperial Majesty’s Privy Council


Charter of HIM Privy Council

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The Privy Council Charter its a council of selected nobles, military leaders and members of the Stefanic clergy which assemble every month to discuss the estate of the Empire. The Privy Council is a primarily an "Advisory Board" and doesnt have the power to pass any legislations. All citizens are eligible and upon becoming eligible, they have to take an oath of the Privy Council.

The Privy Council consists of an Advisory Committee, a Executive Committee and a Household Committee. The Advisory Committee is the senior of all the 3 committees, being Prime Ministers, Governor-Generals and senior military positions, meets every month with an report in regards to their concerns and advices. The Executive Committee is the second committee of the Privy Council and is informally known as the Cabinet. They make executive decisions and the King of the Sarovians signs off on it. The most junior committee is the Household Committee, which is in charge of all forms of ceremony, pomp, circumstance and etiquette.