Ayman Atlas

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Ayman Atlas


258 AS


266 AS - present


Colonel of the Regimento de Lanceiros, Brigadier-General, Adjutant-General

Ayman Atlas (known formally as Ayman Atlas the Younger), is a famous Imperial Army Commander and beloved superior officer. He has served in many wars and under many monarchs, and is one of the oldest members to ever serve in the Imperial Army in recorded history. Ayman passed the mandatory retirement age just after the Jacobite Rebellion (2021-2022), but his close knitted friendship with Constantine IX Vasa allowed him to continue serving.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ayman Atlas was born in 258 AS, in the New Sarovian Empire, during the reign of Edward I Vasa, to his father of the the same name, Ayman Atlas I. His father was well known commander, who originally served in the Sacro Imperio under the Nassau dynasty. He served as a foreign officer on many instances, leading and allowing his son to experience the best of administration and officer skills. His father passed away in 268, after he brought his son to the New Sarovian Empire.

Ayman served with distinction during his service to the various Sarovian monarchs. In a book he wrote later in life, he described that he "had just joined the best and most well structured military in Estos. I moved to New Sarovia and soon gained a great reputation among some close friends I had, who were many, I felt that there was my home there, and from there I settled in Sarovia, forever to dedicate to my life to it." Ayman went on leave during the The Great Restoration (2020), but would return to fight against Arcadia and State pretender rebels in 281. Four Stefanic years later, in 284 and 285 AS, the Jacobite Rebellion began. Ayman's regimental commander, a prominent ringleader of the Jacobites known as Hawk. When Hawk demanded Ayman join him, Ayman famously rejected the offer. The many Lusophone regiments were swept up by thechaos and disorder, and many of the Brazilian Sarovians being totally manipulated by the false idea elaborated by Jacobite leaders that the Brazilian Sarovians were manipulated as toys by the hands of the King and Emperor. Ayman would often speak to his subordinates and inform that despite the House of Vasa being from other origins, they respected the Lusophones as people to be loved, not as objects to be used, and so a great psychological pressure was put on all Brazilian Sarovians to follow Jacob and his mediocre ideas.

When Jacob noticed Ayman refused to join, he was attempted to be assassinated by the Jacobites, which Ayman fought off. The assassination attempt was quick and occurred outside of Sarholm. Ayman would meet with other officers and be commissioned as a senior officer in II Corps, and begin to fight back against the Jacobite rebellion. Ayman was known as a fantastic drillmaster and effective leader, and was able to quickly and intelligently train new members, as well as recruit new members, faster than many others. He was praised with many awards during his service, specifically from the Emperor himself, as well as the John, Prince of Kiev. The rebellion was difficult in many instances, but it did not stop the House of Vasa from affectionately referring to Ayman as the "Man of Steel" for his fierce determination and ruthless ability to destroy Jacobites in battle.

In a book written by Ayman, he describes the last part of his life as:

"I knew that my home was always Sarovia, I had sworn loyalty to my emperor, and I had to keep my word. I joined forces with my Emperor and my Highness and we began to rebuild the Brazilian Sarovian tags, recruiting with great effort and convincing our friends to return home. They were very difficult days, and for my high loyalty to such a situation. After that situation, nothing else could take me out of Sarovia, so I started serving Sarovia faithfully every day, and I was winning more and more honor in my career, and from then on I was only increasing more and more my fame within Sarovia. I went through other difficulties, but nothing compared to the bloody Jacobite rebellion. And today I continue honoring my loyalty to the Emperor and doing my duty, currently acting as Brigadier General, and always excited to serve Sarovia, either as a simple Recruit or as a Marshal, it was always an honor to serve a nation so beautiful, with a huge culture, and especially an unparalleled structure."