The Great Restoration (2020)

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The Great Restoration

Victory at Kiev, 12th of December.


12 December 2020 - 13 December 2020


Sorrel, Preuze, Kiev, Vurgos, Upper Preuze


New Sarovian Empire
Byzantium, Arcadia, Exercito, Pwontan, Woldesburg


Sarovian victory
• Great Restoration achieved

Territorial changes:

Complete reclamation of Sarovian Homeland

On the 12th of December 2020, the Imperial Army of the New Sarovian Empire launched what was dubbed the Grand Restoration. This campaign enabled the Imperial Army to recapture the old Sarovian homeland as well as all other lands north of the Nafets. At 6pm EST, over 70 troops invaded Snow, MoD, York, Delta, Onnet and Northern Wilderness – taking all of them in the process.

After victories in Upper Preuze, Sorrel and Preuze without any contest from Exercito or Pwontan, Sarovian forces briefly clashed in Vurgos (specifically Nira) against Byzantine troops, forcing them to flee and be unable to achieve victory. Sarovian ally of Nekron attacked Arcadia in Deadwood and Destiny to keep them occupied while Sarovian forces split in two: English Sarovians chased and routed Byzantine forces in York, taking the city for themselves as a bargaining chip for future diplomatic plays and Brazilian Sarovians battled Woldesburg and Pwontan at Delta for hours, ultimately achieving a victory.

The complete collapse of anti-Sarovian aligned nations in one day stunned the entire Graal Military Community, which would lead to the War of the Fourth Coalition (2021) in the coming days in an attempt to restore the status quo and defeat Sarovian nationalism once and for all.