Wealth Tax Act, 2022

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Wealth Tax Act, 2022


No.9 of 2022

Assented to:

10th of September, 2022

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



The Imperial Parliament recognizes that the Sarovian economic system has been exploited by the wealthy and well-connected for their own interests, resulting in an extreme concentration of wealth in the hands of a few people. The 20 richest Sarovians currently own a significant portion of the country's wealth, and there is a trend of accumulation of money by the ultra-rich who do not contribute to the economy or the people. Increasing taxes will not solve the unbalanced situation, so a new Wealth Tax has been introduced to bring more equality to the people and the economy. The Wealth Tax will be levied on any Sarovian citizen, resident, guest, corporation or other entity that owns more than 30,000 Saros. The tax will be collected monthly and the revenue generated will be transferred to the government, along with other taxes. The minimum amount of the tax will be 2,000 Saros, but the government can increase it at its discretion. The Emperor, His Imperial Majesty, is exempt from the Wealth Tax, but no other members of the Imperial House of Vasa, other noble families or any Chivalric Order of the Empire will be exempt from the tax.