Pathé Network Act, 2022

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Pathé Network Act, 2022


No.1 of 2022

Assented to:

8th of January, 2022

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



The Pathé Network Act, 2022, was the law responsible for officializing the production of news, documentaries, educational videos, music from the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions, which is the Sarovian Pathé Network, also abbreviated to SPN. The SPN is known as one of the best archives of Sarovian and commonwealth history, as well as educational content on Sarovian history and future. In addition, the Sarovian Pathé Network (SPN) has been split into three channels: SPN 1, SPN 2, and SPN 3. These channels will be dedicated to uploading new content as per their theme and specific mandate by the SPN editorial team. The Playlist System has also been restructured in favor of three new channel-related playlists - SPN Channel 1, SPN Channel 2 and SPN Channel 3.

SPN Channel 1 consists of videos of a serious, important and professional note. Plus government press releases, House of Commons Question Time, vote counts for legislation, breaking news, military promotions and demotions, war and battle news, alliances and much more. It also has the Pathé News series, but also has other videos and special videos. SPN Channel 2 has videos on an educational and important note. Such as documentaries, interviews, historical and geographic videos, feature pieces, political announcements and other videos that will allow the public to be informed and educated on a variety of subjects. Finally, SPN Channel 3 consists of videos of a fun, comic and relaxing note. For example: comedy videos, memes, music channels and playlists, sports video recaps, summaries and other fun content.