Immigration Act, 2022

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Immigration Act, 2022


No.6 of 2022

Assented to:

17th of April, 2022

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



The Imperial Parliament wanted to expand the purpose of the New Sarovian Empire server to the entire Graalian society, with its economy, governments, institutions and social aid. The point of all this was to present the benefits of the Sarovian server such as the Saro, constant and well organized events, the Constabulary and more.

Non-military people, after joining the server, received the "immigrant" role. Immigrants are expected to become residents or citizens, but it is not mandatory. If they do not become residents or citizens, they will not have the rights that they have. Any immigrant can become a resident, just by joining a Sarovian-owned guild. Residents have two main restrictions, these are: cannot vote/compete and cannot trade more than 1000 saros per Gralat.

All residents can become citizens, you just need to fill out the citizenship form. Regardless of your role (resident or citizen) you will have an obligation, such as maintaining the social and moral fiber of society. Regardless of your class, age or gender, you are obligated to fulfill your duty as a loyal subject of His Imperial Majesty and the Empire. Otherwise, you will be subject to banishment and laws. Likewise, members of the Nobility are obligated by the law to provide cultural and social enrichment to the Empire to attract new immigrants.