Government Guide Act, 2021

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Government Guide Act, 2021


No.1 of 2021

Assented to:

12th of January, 2021

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



The Government Guide Act, 2021 is a law that mandates that all newly elected governments must follow a regulation within their respective deadlines. Therefore, there is a fine of up to 5,000 Saros for any Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire and Cabinet Member that are part of the Government break those regulations detailed in the Government Guide Act.

Furthermore, the Government of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has three types of documentation that it can write and publish. The first is the Red Book. The Red Book are private policy books compiled to be delivered to His Imperial Majesty in his weekly red box. The Red Books (or Red Papers) are generally confidential reports on the recent ministry updates from each minister. On the other hand, we have the Blue Books, or Blue Papers. Blue papers are usually made to report statistics and figures, such as Minister of Finance figures, salaries, army lists and the like. Therefore, the final documents are white papers, which can be policy proposals or implementations made public. Anyone can write white or blue papers, but only ministers can write red papers for His Imperial Majesty's Red Box.