Duke of Sorrel (title)

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Duke of Sorrel

The arms of Charles Vasa as Duke of Sorrel.

Creation Date:

279 AS (Reaffirmed)

Created by:

Constantine IX Vasa


Assembly of Peers

First holder:

Duchess Brianna

Present holder:

Charles Vasa

The title of Duke of Sorrel was established as a Royal Duchy under the Peerage Act, 2021, first awarded to Duchess Brianna Maria Vasa, an illegitimate daughter of Jacob I of Sacro. The title was absorbed into the Lyon family upon her death, which then went to Duke Sir Francis of Preuze, who subsequently went to his daughter, the current Princess of Kiev, Dame Margaret Vasa.

Upon the birth of Charles John Frederick Zor-Mako-Vasa, the title was inherited by him from his mother and the style of address was raised from His Grace to His Imperial Highness, the only Duchy of which style is like that.