Constantine III Mako

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Constantine III Mako
Constantine III NSE.png
Coronation portrait of Constantine III.


219 AS to 223


King of the Sarovians and Emperor of the Sarovian Commonwealth, Patriarch of the Zors and of the Makos, Defender of the Faith, and Protector of the Realm.




Constantine II Mako


Constantine IV Mako

Charles Constantine Edward Zor-Mako (regnal name: Constantine III Zor-Mako) or otherwise simply known as Constantine the Conquerer, was King of the Sarovians and Emperor of the Sarovian Commonwealth from 219 AS to 221 AS. Constantine III was the primary heir to his precessor and father, Constantine II Mako, and was brought up with a martial upbringing. Unlike his own son, Constantine III was neither an economist or a diplomat but a proud and rash military commander who sought success on the battlefield.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]


May 21st Revolution[edit | edit source]


Sovereign[edit | edit source]


Succession and Civil War[edit | edit source]


Honours[edit | edit source]

Throughout his life, Constantine III has received many different honours, decorations and titles.

  • Crowns
    • NSE Flag.png Crown of Carolus XI
  • Honours
    • NSE Flag.png Sovereign of the Order of the New Sarovian Empire
Crowns, honours and decorations of Constantine III.

Coat of arms[edit | edit source]

As the son of Constantine II, Constantine III's arms were the imperial arms of New Sarovia differenced with a label of three points argent, the usual arms for the heir apparent of the throne. When he ascended the throne, through the virtue of being the King of the Sarovians and the Emperor of the New Sarovian Empire, Constantine III was the source of all heraldry and symbols through during his reign and bore the arms of New Sarovia.

King of the Sarovians, Old.png
Arms of Constantine III as heir apparent. Arms of Constantine III as sovereign.