Conquest of Philippia (2021)

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The Conquest of Philippia

The Rachaelsburg Rifles on parade following the civilization of Philippia, May 21st 2021.


2nd April 2021 - 15th May 2021


Dominion of Philippia


Sarovian victory
Dominion of Philippia established

Territorial changes:

Sarovian foothold in Orios (Roblox)

The Philippian Conquest (or Conquest of Philippia) was the colonization, subjugation and settlement of the Dominion of Philippia. The colonization began in early April 2021, where Sarovian naval officers aboard the frigate HIMS Kiev spotted land in Orios. Upon the order of Emperor Constantine IX Vasa, Sarovian army volunteers as well as marines and gunboats were sent to the islands to subjugate any native population there.

Despite an initial defeat at the hands of the locals, the Imperial Engineer Regiment built defensive positions known as Fort Philipville, which was used as a de facto capital in the area while Army officers cleared territory from the hostile tribes which had no interest in Sarovianization.

The Battle of the Glade, May 12th 2021

On the 12th of May, a shootout on the outskirts of Philipville's forests was reported and numerous Sarovian casualties were counted due to a lack of Sarovian artillery. The native forces retreated after a half hour bloody but not broken. Two days later on the 14th of May, the Imperial Army dug in at the Gus Trenchline and for two hours fought of native wave after wave. A Star of Carolus was awarded to one Private Wolf, who during the attack, was overrun by native warriors in his trench and in an attempt to save the rest of his company, detonated a grenade on himself, killing him and seven warriors. This would prove to be the final battle of the conquest, which forced unwilling locals to migrate past the Saabre River.