Commonwealth Act, 2022

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Commonwealth Act, 2022


No.8 of 2022

Assented to:

29th of July, 2022

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



The Commonwealth serves as a formal legal body that facilitates diplomacy, peace, and enrichment for the member states of the Commonwealth under the rule of His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX. The Commonwealth may also be referred to as the Sarovian Commonwealth, the Vasa Commonwealth, or simply the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is governed by the Commonwealth Secretariat, which is a council composed of the heads of government of all Commonwealth member nations and chaired by the Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire, who may be called upon at any time to pass binding or non-binding resolutions on relevant matters; the binding or non-binding status of these resolutions, depending on whether or not they require parliamentary ratification by member states. Furthermore, the Commonwealth Secretariat shall be overseen and governed by His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, as well as his heirs and successors who shall serve as the chief unifying symbol of the Commonwealth and the firm holder of the allegiance and allegiance of all Commonwealth and its peoples.

It is important to emphasize that the member nations of the Commonwealth can vary between the automatic members (Commonwealth Realms) and the common member nations of the commonwealth, classified as "Member States". One of the differences between these classifications is that: Commonwealth Realms are governed by Her Imperial Majesty in person (thus they are automatic members of the Commonwealth), while member states are not. Therefore, Commonwealth Realms are prohibited from withdrawing from the Commonwealth (but are permitted only with the Emperor's written permission). The Member States are absent from this rule and if they wish to enter the Commonwealth they must go through a voting process among the Commonwealth members for their entry to be allowed.