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Xiaoguard Han, Graal Military Wiki Overseer

Titles & Achievements[edit source]

  • Wiki Overseer
  • Aurean Prince
  • Former Leader of The State
  • Leader of Han Dynasty
  • Founder of Atlantia
  • Founder of Star Command (Zone)
  • Founder of Valerock City
  • Founder of Graal Historical Society
  • Founder of Microsoft
  • First Chancellor of the New Sarovian Empire
  • Owner of Absence 1k hat
  • Former G2K1 Staff
  • Facilitator of The Kingdom Elections
  • Facilitator of the Wiki Migration
  • Creator of Winry Memorial Graphics Depot & GHS Library

Notable Families[edit source]

  • Founder of 2ez
  • Founder of the Allanach Family (Defunct)
  • Leader of the the Han Family
  • Member of the Rommiel Family
  • Member of the the Çønsïlïm Family
  • Member of the Vaughn Family
  • Member of the Vist Family

Contact[edit source]

  • Discord: Xiaoguard#0601
  • Email: