Thurwick War

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Thurwick Rebellion

Clockwise from top left: Display of Christopher Carnehan's corpse, Philippian soldiers on the HIMAV Frederick, HIMAV Frederick on the Saabre River,and a Thurwickian soldier.


3 July 2021 - 26 July 2021 (23 days)


Dominon of Philippia


Sarovian and Philippian Victory
• De facto Sarovian control of territory across the Saabre River.
• Surrender of the Thurwickian Host

Territorial changes:

Sarovian reconquest of the territory across the Saabre.

The Thurwick War, also known as the Thurwickian Revolt was a conflict in Philippia fought from the Battle of the Saabre River on 3 July 2021 to the assassination of Christopher Carnehan and the surrender of the Thurwickian Host. The war was fought between the Dominion of Philippia which was supported by the New Sarovian Empire and the Thurwickian Host.

The conflict came about through the joint effort of Philippian separatists and natives in founding the Thurwickian Host which claimed part of the Dominon of Philippia's territory.