Snabberd Service Rifle

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The SSR or Snabberd Service Rifle, officially the 7.7x56mm, Service Rifle, Snabberd, Model No. 2, is a Sarovian bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle that serves as the main rifle of the military forces of Philippia. It is the standard service rifle of the Philippian Militia and Far East Fleet of the Imperial Navy and was introduced into service by Philippia in 284 AS

A modern SSR Mk. 1

The rifle was designed by Hufe Snabberd and is primarily manufactured by Imperial Arms Industries. The rifle features an 8 round non-detachable magazine that can be loaded via en bloc clips and chambered in 7.7x56mm Sarovian cartridge.

History[edit | edit source]

The rifle's design was conceived as a solution in response to the requirement of the III Corps General, Jafar al-Assad, for a rifle capable of enhancing the firepower of the average soldier. Prior to the introduction of this rifle, the III Corps had utilized the Model No.1 Rifle, which was loaded with two 5-round stripper clips. The en bloc clip design of the SSR enabled a soldier to reload the rifle significantly more quickly than with two stripper clips.

In 289 AS, the upgraded Mk. I  variant was introduced with improved sights for enhanced accuracy and a more ergonomic design for better control.