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Dragon Kinwood (16)

Football Club Elster, also known as FC Elster or simply Elster is a football club based in the Dominion of Carolusburg, more precisely in Belbata in the city of Elster. FC Elster is considered a relatively small club compared to other Commonwealth clubs, such as Preuze Protectors, where both have only 1 national title.

FC Elster was founded in 2023 but was created in honor of a former Sarovian footballer known as Juno. Currently, FC Elster has famous names such as: Dragon Kinwood (with 16 goals, being the main idol of the Club), as well as Gustavo (with 9 goals) and Goalkeeper Koji who joined Elster in April 2023 leaving FC Dufort ( Elster's main rival).

History[edit | edit source]

The Bad Phase[edit | edit source]

For a long time, FC Elster suffered several defeats against its main rival, FC Dufort, during its period known as: "The Galacticos" in which it had big and skillful players like Theodor, Doss and Koji. Unfortunately for FC Elster, they often suffered humiliating thrashings from their rivals. But most of all, the Elsterites were disgusted with the club's situation. We can see it in the first Burvanica League game where FC Elster lost under a humiliating and historic score of 21-13. The Elsterites revolted and started chanting in the stadium: "¡Luchar! ¡Quitate ese Liderazgo! ¡Luchar! ¡Quitate ese Liderazgo!..." over and over again. No doubt the Elsteristes wanted Dragon Kinwood sacked as the club's coach. Said and done, Dragon returned to the lawns with the aim of helping Elster to get back on his feet. But, it seemed that nothing helped. The March season was a disaster for FC Elster. The Club saw its biggest rival lift all the titles of the season as well as having its best players sold to FC Dufort, such as: ThiWan, Gustavo, among others. All that demotivated the club. But, something would be about to change, that something is someone: Koji.

Rivalry[edit | edit source]

  • Below you can check the history of matches between FC Dufort and FC Elster, one of the greatest rivalries of all time known as: El Classico
    • 21 x 13 - Burvanica League: March 2023
    • 7 x 5 - Carodian Cup, First Game: March 2023
    • 2 x 1 - Carodian Cup, Second Game: March 2023
    • 11 x 2 - Burvanica League: March 2023
    • 11 x 2 - Burvanica League: March 2023
    • 6 x 1 - Burvanica League: March 2023
    • 17 x 2 - Carodian Cup, First Game: April 2023
    • 9 x 7 - Carodian Cup, Second Game: April 2023
    • 16 x 5 - Burvanica League, 1st Round: April 2023
    • 1 x 8 - Burvanica League, 2nd Round: April 2023
    • 1 x 4 - Burvanica League, 3rd Round: April 2023

FC Dufort: 9 Victories, 2 Defeats

FC Elster: 2 Victories, 9 Defeats

"La Remontada"[edit | edit source]

The April season had started and Koji had been sold to FC Elster with the aim of trying to restructure the club. However, even with the purchase of one of the greatest players in Carodian football, FC Elster lost to FC Dufort the two rounds of the Carodian Cup with scores of 17-2 in the first round, and 9-7 in the second round, totaling at aggregate 26-9. For the Elsteristes that would be the end of the club. There would be no more chance for FC Elster to win a title. Well then. They were wrong.

Koji arrived at FC Elster and put the house in order, selling inactive players and creating training and tactics. The Club was completely strong, and, even with the changes in football due to the new charter of the IFFC, FC Elster managed to maintain their training sessions. All this would be put into practice in the Burvanica League, April 2023, where FC Elster wins the championship beating its rival and becoming champion

Titles[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Burvanica League: March 2023