Court Uniform (Civil)

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Commonwealth Court Uniform

A compilation of civil service and Privy Council uniforms used in portraits and art.


289 AS


Authorised for all official diplomats, Privy Counsellors, Cabinet members and senior civil servants which possess no formal uniform


Blue tunic with gold embroidery of oak leaves and Zor roses, white pants, black shoes or riding boots. Lord President of the Privy Council has a dark red tunic and officials of The State possess dark black tunics.

Type of dress:

Full Honours and Full Dress; can be worn with sashes, medals and other honours

The Commonwealth Court Uniform (often known as the Court Uniform, the Civil Court Uniform or the Privy Counsellor Uniform) is an elaborate and expensive article of clothing worn by senior members of the Sarovian government. It is a mandatory order of dress for members of the Advisory Committee of His Imperial Majesty's Privy Council which has lent it the informal name of "Privy Counsellor uniform", but it is actually accessible to more than just the Advisory Committee. Privy Counsellors of other realms are also mandated to buy the uniform. Cabinet members of His Imperial Majesty's Government, as well as any Cabinet minister in a Commonwealth realm, is expected to purchase the uniform but it is not mandatory. It is also the official uniform of all Civil Service undersecretaries. Judges, Constables and Commissioners have their own uniform.

The uniform is expected to be worn at Full Honours and Full Dress events, which according to the Etiquette Handbook, are:

"Full Honours is a very rare dress code that occurs infrequently. This is usually called for Speeches from the Throne and coronations only. Peers are expected to wear their coronation robes and coronets. All honours, medals and rewards are to be worn. Privy Counsellors are to wear their uniforms. Top hats are required for men and tiaras for women.

Full Dress is the more frequent high-class dress code. Privy Counsellors may wear suits or their uniforms. All suits are to be black or dark gray. Honours and medals are to be worn. For women, dresses of beige (or other colours similar to, but not white), red, pink and black are acceptable and must be elaborate. Military membersare to wear their regimental uniforms and honours unless otherwise stated. Top hats are required for men."