Constantine Cross

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The Constantine Cross


Military decoration




Old: A bronze cross pattée with dark purple ribbon with the Emperor on a throne, motto: "With Stefan and victorious arms". New: A bronze cross pattée with an engraving of the Emperor, with a clasp that reads "For the most conspicuous bravery"


Higher: Order of the Vasas, lower: Order of the NSE

The Constantine Cross is the highest ranking medal in the Imperial Armed Forces and Imperial troops abroad in Colonies and Dominions. It is the highest military decoration that can possibly be awarded. It is bestowed upon soldiers of the Imperial Armed Forces by the sole discretion of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.

Emperor Constantine IX had instructed the Supreme War Council to establish a new decoration that would be eligible to all officers and enlisted men of the Empire. The medal is a simple decoration that is highly prized and eagerly sought after by those in the military services, and the recipients are published in the Sarovian Gazette alongside the deed which granted them the medal. The Constantine Cross is only awarded to officers and men who serve int he presence of danger and perform an act of valour, bravery or devotion.

Perks and Requirements[edit | edit source]

The Constantine Cross comes with significant perks in the Imperial Armed Forces, such as:

  • A monthly 500 Saro salary for life (6,000 a year),
  • Appearance on the recipient's coat of arms,
  • Granting the recipient the ability to command all enlisted soldiers, regardless of rank,
  • A gravestone and statue at St. Constantine's Cathedral

It is given for "the most conspicuous bravery and extraordinary acts in the presence of the enemy or in the face of danger". As of March 2022, only three Sarovians have won the Constantine Cross:

  • Ensign Morris Goodman CC, for most extraordinary acts in the presence of the enemy during the Battle of Preuze, did rally a total of fifty soldiers in less than three hours to rebuild her Regiment.
  • Subtenente Keara CC, for most conspicuous bravery in the presence of the enemy did successfully rally and raise the morale of her fellow soldiers in the Battle of Kiev, and successfully defeated Jacobite rebels.
  • Commodore Ridgeway CC, for most conspicous bravery in the presence of the enemy did successfully and decisively defeat a Tilissian landing force in the Ihme Channel.