Carolus X, John II and Tsubaki the Mad

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Carolus X and Tsubaki, John II


Fall, 14 AC


Summer of 15 AC to winter of 15 AC


Rex Roisa, Emperor of York


Separatist Zor branch

Carolus X Zor was Rex Roisa and the second Emperor of York in 15 AC, and distant descendant of King Tristam, King Carolus I Zor and other legendary figures. At this period, modern historians become more confident of the history of these figures due to historical records such as websites and documents becoming more prevalent. He was married to Empress Tsubaki, who’s mental state quickly deteriorated and became known in Sarovian history as Tsubaki the Mad.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Lives[edit | edit source]

Carolus X was an able administrator but poor diplomat, and became increasingly estranged from his wife when the internal struggles of the State came to a halt in the summer of 15 AC. Records indicate Carolus X was a prominent nation builder - he gave the Roisians the orange, white and blue that Sarovians use today by establishing the first national flag. Carolus X likewise commissioned his son, Lord of York, John Sirus Zor, to establish an anthem. The first concept of pre-Sarovian constitutionalism was also born, with a primitive constitutional monarchy adopted for the country, akin to the former State charter.

Reigns[edit | edit source]

Records also indicate that the Empire had invaded or had planned to invade south of the River Nafets, and leaving his second infantry unit there to garrison. The Emperor never got to see the plan though, as historical records state he was assassinated by his wife due to the estrangement, and led an empress-consort regency of their son styled as Carolus XI, despite never having the name. Historians always refer to John as John instead of Carolus, despite the official name. Legend says that John I was John II’s brother, who was murdered in infancy, and Tsubaki crowning her second son as the second was in homage to this, though no record proves this. The instability in Imperial York led to a State invasion north of the natural border of the Nafets and, within months, John had thrown off the shackles of his mother and had her decapitated for treason.

When the State besieged York, John appointed the greatest military commander of his grandfather as Marshal of the Empire, Sarolus, the namesake of Sarovia and the third of the Nine Worthies. He was given the impossible job of defending the city, though held on for four months, longer than any other tribe or nation in the State’s onslaught. The Marshal was slain in battle by a State officer, and the next day, John II surrendered the city. While expecting to be treated nicely as a monarch, he was dragged out of the city and hanged on the towers his family had built. The Graal Empire, the King of Roisa and Emperor of Imperial York died with the extermination of the Zor family, though the Zoar branch remained as aristocrats spread across the continent.