Carolus VIII Zor

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Carolus VIII Zor


Winter, 11 AC


Winter of 13 AC to winter of 13 AC


Rex Roisa


Separatist Zor branch

Carolus VIII (birth: Felixus Carolus Zor) was the Rex Roisa following the death of Carolus VII Zoar on the march home after the Battle of Freakia. He was not directly related to the former King, and the crown was thrust upon him in his younger years. Born to Felix Zor and Princess Elise of the State, a political marriage arranged by a treaty made by Carolus V, and great-great-great-great grandson of a Duke of Imperia, as per a treaty arranged by Carolus II, Carolus VIII was of the lineage of Carolus I instead of Carolus II according to the Historia Sarovianorum, the first purported history of the Sarovian peoples. As such, not much is known about the monarchs it portrays especially in regards to their early lives, and some information is criticised by modern Graal historians.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

When the administrators and city guards of the Roisian capital opened the gate to their army returning home, they saw neither King Carolus VI, Carolus VII or an army at all. News of both the King’s deaths had not reached the capital before then, and the city and surrounding realm was ungoverned for weeks before sages and prophets tracked down the oldest surviving next-of-kin. This was Jens Argen, a cousin of Carolus VII, but due to being a descendent of Joakim of Argen who refused to renounce his ducal claims upon marrying Milla Zor, the nobles looked past him.

Reign[edit | edit source]

Upon ascending the throne, Carolus VIII began a flurry of reforms. News had reached the capital that Auel I had gotten sick, which would grant the Roisians vast swaths of territory. Carolus VIII rebuilt the army in a new style according to the Historia Sarovianorum, where every 25 soldiers created a Pedites - or an Infantry unit, led by a Majorus - a Major. This army system was based on the successes of the State with fixes to their organizational structure that made them weak in the last war. Likewise the King began the habit of dressing in red - the royal colour. Before this, kings wore black, blue or green.

The Historia Sarovianorum is damaged in this section, but other ancient records indicate that Carolus VIII died due to either poison or disease, days before news of Auel I’s death reached the capital.