Carolus IX Zor

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Carolus IX Zor


Summer, 13 AC


Spring 14 AC to winter of 14 AC


Rex Roisa, Emperor of York


Separatist Zor branch

Carolus IX Zor (birth: Alexandros Sherlocus Carolus Felixus Zor) was Rex Roisa and the first Emperor of York following the death of his brother, Carolus VIII Zor. Brother to the former King, he inherited his army reforms and, mere days after the death of the former Rex Roisa, heard about the death of Auel I of the State.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

The State had collapsed into a form of military dictatorship with many competing factions - all of which styled themselves as Auel. Such factions were the SAFF teams and a military conscript army. The previous Auel ceded everything north of the River Nafets to Roisa, though in an attempt to gain political support, neither faction of the State agreed to cede land. This led Carolus IX Zor to go to war over the former treaty, and due to the splintered status of the State, managed to walk in and garrison all of the land required without a fight. The SAFF would fall, and many other factions would rise and fall likewise, with the State practically ceasing to exist as a solid entity. With York, the place of battle between Carolus III and Imperia being a large part of Roisian mythology, Carolus IX made it his capital, and oversaw the construction of the towers outside the bridge. Carolus IX also crowned himself Emperor of Imperial York, and went by his second name of Sherlocus to his family.

Reign[edit | edit source]

According to the Historia Sarovianorum, the Emperor is considered the second of the Nine Worthies - nine monarchs that future generations must strive to model themselves after. Carolus IX married a former State noblewoman, Duchess Eva of York, in an attempt to secure his bid of Emperor of Graal. With her, he gained one son, Carolus X Zor. Carolus IX is one of the longest lasting monarchs in ancient Sarovian history, lasting for almost two years. According to legend, the Emperor went on a pilgrimage to a suspected site of the old city of Sar, where the image of Stefan appeared above him and announced that his power was growing weaker in the war against Stephane, and he had created five Grails and hid them all across Graal. These Graals, when reunited with each other, would grant Stefan the power to return in full strength against Stephane.

Carolus IX led campaigns against the Rhodes family - revolting peasants in the capital. His best general, Sarolus, managed to exterminate 80% of the peasants and forced them to settle as a tributary of Imperial York. Carolus IX passed away in 15 AC, possibly due to assassination to Tsubaki the Mad. Neither the Liber Stefanicus or the Historia Sarovianorum is clear on his death, except he was buried in York bay.