Escora Province

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Escora Province

The flag of the Escora Province

Governor of Escora:

Occupied by the Governor-General of Carolusburg



The Province of Escora, is a province of Auro-Carodian ethical origin as described in the Territorial and Electoral Reform Act, 2023, in which it was officially annexed to the Dominion of Carolusburg. Formerly also known as Fiore, Escora is the de facto capital of Sarovian interests in Ostos, so much so that the Royal Palace of the King of Carolusburg is not in Carolusburg proper, but in Escora. In addition, the Province of Escora was the former seat of the Aurean government.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Old Valeroche Avenue[edit | edit source]

Emerald Way[edit | edit source]